HPC Clusters

  • x86/x86-64 Clusters
  • GPU Computing Clusters
  • Intel Cluster Ready Clusters
  • Visualization Clusters

HPC Storage

  • Parallel File Systems
    • Lustre
    • Panasas


High Performance Computing needs within in the government sector reaches well beyond Civilian and Defense programs. Governing bodies are responsible to provide a stable information infrastructure for resources such as scientific research, economic development, socioeconomic complexities, weather and climate research, clean and sustainable energy advancements, automotive and aerospace design and engineering, bio-economic activities, green technologies and natural environment management, just to name a few.

HPC plays an integral part in the sustainability, growth and leadership movements of the government sector. For a governing body to be effective in driving innovation and sustaining global competitiveness it requires the implementation of all-encompassing HPC solutions. Without the integrity of sound and sophisticated computing solutions, a government’s information infrastructure is at risk of collapsing.

For over three decades, Aspen Systems, Inc. has been a key supplier to Federal Government Agencies and Federal Systems Integrators. We successfully provide reliable High Performance Computing systems for a variety of highly-demanding governmental applications and environments. Our customized high-performance systems solve the most complex problems because they are engineered to meet the specific needs of the department or data center which they serve.

We excel in streamlining the entire procurement cycle to ensure our clients achieve a complete and accelerated process. We are uniquely qualified to assist Government agencies because:

  • We know all of the purchasing requirements of the Federal Government.
  • We have a current, negotiated GSA terms and pricing schedule to assist our government customers and military academies.
  • We are a qualified U.S. Small Business.
  • We provide Representations and Certifications proposal assistance.
  • We offer complete systems customization – custom form factor, network requirements, compute requirements, thermal requirements, special operational environments, and other mission critical factors.
  • We have experience with major government contractors and systems integrators such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop, Raytheon, CSC and General Dynamics to name a few.
  • We have a deep history of participation in Advanced Research Projects.
  • Our applications include Real-time Analysis.
  • We have successfully installed multiple Military applications.
  • We have Data Archival expertise.

Our sales team can supply quotes for current purchases, budget proposals as well as complete the required paperwork for supplier verification.


Our professional staff can assist you with hardware and software upgrades on your existing cluster.
Have our engineers remotely assist you with model tuning, upgrades, and maintenance.
Aspen Systems provides on-site and off-site training for all aspects of your HPC needs.