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Custom Enterprise Storage

Fully Customized Enterprise Storage Solutions from Aspen Systems


It is impossible to place a value on your enterprise’s data. Your enterprise storage solution should be reliable so you can ensure the integrity of your data. In today’s business world it is important to utilize high performance storage solutions that can hold up to constant demand, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

At Aspen Systems, we supply enterprise grade hard drives, and other storage components, that are fully scalable and at the forefront of today’s cutting edge technology. We understand that losing your storage data is not an option, and that any failure of your data storage system could very likely affect your entire enterprise.

Reliability and performance are the key factors one should consider when choosing enterprise storage components for their organization. Our goal at Aspen Systems is to provide our clients with the most reliable and cost effective storage solutions, while still offereing the best performance possible. We accomplish this while working within the parameters of your budget, so you are certain to get the best enterprise storage solution that money can buy.

You can contact one of our sales engineers about your storage needs, and we will do our best to address your individual requirements.

Some Facts About Enterprise Grade Disk Drives

Whether your storage needs are based on backup demands, archiving, online storage, or disaster recovery solutions, your disk drives are the most important hardware element in your storage servers. These different enterprise demands will obviously require different storage solutions, but it makes sense to select enterprise class hard drives no matter what your circumstances might require.

Enterprise storage disk drives are capable of handling the daily loads of your business far more efficiently and reliably than a typical desktop style hard drive. Enterprise class storage drives are also better at handling bad sectors than desktop drives, and these occurrences happen far less frequently.

Storage servers also function in tandem with RAID controllers or Host Bus Adapters depending on the file system you choose. Hardware RAID controllers and some file systems such as ZFS help protect you data when a hard drive failure occurs depending on the RAID level you choose.

Enterprise servers are also more reliable for the simple reason that they are engineered and built better. Rotational vibration compensation mechanisms are built into all hard drives, but only enterprise grade storage drives are designed to operate in large configurations. Using desktop hard drives in close proximity often results in poor performance and data loss when a failure occurs since they were not engineered for this kind of use.

Your enterprise must also consider whether it is best served by SAS, SATA, or SSD style hard drives. Each has its own advantages for a given set of circumstances, and they can also be integrated into your infrastructure or within the same storage server.

Enterprise quality SATA storage drives offer the lowest cost per gigabyte and the most overall storage space. They can also provide larger data partitions with lower requirements on performance. SAS storage drives are a higher performance solution, built to be reliable and with very fast access times. However, SAS storage drives are more expensive than SATA drives. SSD drives are perfect for storage solutions that involve journaling, caching, databases, and meta-data partitions. For the highest performance and the lowest access times, SSD storage drives cannot be beat. Still, the cost of SSD storage drives sometimes mandates that they be utilized for special requirements and smaller data partitions.

Understanding how these storage systems can be best used in your enterprise is essential if you plan on getting the most value from your budget dollar. Our sales engineers are ready to help you with a storage configuration that best suits the demand of your applications.

Choosing Components and Chassis for your Enterprise Storage Servers

The reliability of your enterprise class storage solution is not wholly dependent on your disk drives. The overall operational reliability of your storage servers also requires the utilization of other hardware components that will maximize their potential. Aspen Systems is proud to offer storage components that represent the industry standard for any and all applications.

For unmatched memory reliability and peak performance, we recommend Kinsgston™ memory. Our storage servers are also outfitted with dual redundant power supplies, ensuring that a power supply failure will not cause the storage system to lag in performance.

All storage systems sold by Aspen Systems utilize quality components that are built to our exacting standards of excellence. For outstanding reliability and performance, our enterprise servers are equipped with the most modern Intel® Xeon and AMD® Opteron processors. Hot swap bays that facilitate disk maintenance are outfitted on some of our storage servers, and can be configured with extra JBOD units expanding your overall drive count.

At Aspen Systems we also take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by assembling and testing all of our enterprise storage servers at our facility, and providing our clients with unparalleled on-site hardware support. Our goal is to make sure that your storage servers operate flawlessly for as long as the technology can possibly last. We understand your data is vital to your enterprise, and we are dedicated to making sure your systems never falter.

Other Considerations for Your Storage Servers

There are other critical considerations that must be addressed when determining the best design for your enterprise storage needs. RAID levels and controllers are an important element in your overall plan, and we can refine our storage servers to best meet your application demands by assessing what will work best for you.

Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before one of your storage disks fails. When this happens, your data can be protected by using hot spare disks in your storage server configuration. At least one hot spare disk should be configured for every RAID group in your storage server solution. However, it is wise to consider utilizing as many hot spare disks as your budget allows.

Aspen Systems also offers software that will monitor your storage servers and notify you whenever there is a disk failure. These software solutions are critical for ensuring that any problems with your enterprise servers are being addressed the moment a problem manifests itself.

Our UPS units ensure that any electrical power loss does not result in an interruption that could bring your enterprise to a standstill. Protecting your data should not be taken lightly, and these power redundancy options should be integrated into every storage server solution.

If you have questions about your enterprise storage servers, please contact Aspen Systems today so we can start working toward a cost-effective solution. You can call one of our experienced sales engineers at (800) 922-9242 or send an email to sales@aspsys.com.

For reliability and performance, and the protection you need for your data, you can trust the storage server professionals at Aspen Systems.