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    High Performance Computing needs within in the government sector reaches well beyond Civilian and Defense programs. Governing bodies are responsible to provide a stable information infrastructure for resources ...

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    Higher Education

    One of the most significant investments our global community makes in our collective future is that of higher education. High Performance Computing plays an integral role in the escalating success of such institutions ...

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    Traditionally, the finance and banking industries have relied heavily on information technology to support the operational aspects of their business sector. The risk of functioning with inadequate technology was ...

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    Life Sciences

    The Life Sciences sector relies heavily on High Performance Computing. Extensive research, development, testing and marketing are only a sampling of the process that must be completed as quickly ...

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    Severe weather and seasonal climate phenomena have a profound impact on both human population as well as the world economics. Innovative HPC system architectures are required to meet the demands of the ...

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    High Performance Computing has, and continues to, modernize the US manufacturing sector. HPC is considered a key driver in upgrading our nation's manufacturing capabilities. A factsheet produced by ...

GPU/MIC Accelerators

Intel® Xeon Phi™ and NVIDIA® Tesla® HPC Accelerator Solutions


Aspen Systems offers hybrid supercomputing solutions featuring the NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerator and the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor that are certified with our complete line of rackable servers and workstations. These systems will meet the demands of your scientific modeling, computational finance, data analysis, weather modeling, and more.

When computing power really matters, look to Aspen Systems to provide you with certified enterprise grade severs and workstations integrated with Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA Tesla accelerators that can meet the unrelenting demands of your most computationally intense applications.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

The Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor works in tandem with Intel’s latest Xeon processors to offer blistering-fast, unprecedented, parallel-computing application performance. The new Phi coprocessor consists of 60 x 1.053GHz cores (240 threads) each with a 512-bit vector unit that can produce up to 8 x double-precision SIMD operations (vector operations). The Intel® Xeon Phi® is capable of 1 TFlops of performance from a single card which can give you up to a petaflop of performance in 10 racks.

Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture) gives developers a key advantage over CUDA or OpenCL allowing them to use standard C, C++, and FORTRAN source code. Aspen Systems delivers unprecedented levels of computing performance with fully optimized Xeon Phi solutions for numerous industries and applications such as: biotechnology, weather modeling/forecasting, science, engineering, mathematics, and numerous other applications that can greatly benefit from the a Xeon Phi coprocessor.

NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerator

Aspen Systems proudly sells high-performance NVIDIA GPU computing solutions using the very latest NVIDIA® Tesla® M2075/M2090/K10/K20/K20X GPU accelerators. The latest Kepler cards from NVIDIA are designed specifically for handling the very most sophisticated HPC problems in the world. Kepler cards are up to 3-times more powerful and offer four times the number of CUDA cores compared to the previous generation (Fermi).

The SMX Streaming Multiprocessing was redesigned from the ground up which offers higher performance, energy efficiency, and delivers up to three times the performance per watt than the Fermi architecture. Kepler K10 and K20 GPU threads are also capable of dynamically spawning new threads, greatly accelerating data adaptation while dramatically speeding-up parallel programming processes. Hyper-Q is a new technology for allowing multiple cores to use the CUDA architecture simultaneously, providing substantial performance increases and improved utilization of both CPU and GPU. Hyper-Q is ideal suited for cluster applications where MP is used. Aspen Systems provides a number of certified servers and workstations specifically designed to harness the power of the NVIDIA® Tesla® Kepler GPU.

GPU/MIC System Configurations

Form FactorProcessorSystem MemoryMIC/GPU Accelerator
1UDual Socket Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 SeriesUp to 512GB DDR3 ECC Reg.Up to 4 x Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA Tesla
2UDual Socket Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 SeriesUp to 512GB DDR3 ECC Reg.Up to 4 x Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA Tesla
3UDual Socket Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 SeriesUp to 768GB DDR3 ECC Reg.Up to 4 x Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA Tesla
4U/TowerDual Socket Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 SeriesUp to 512GB DDR3 ECC Reg.Up to 4 x Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA Tesla
4U Twin24 x DS Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 SeriesUp to 512GB DDR3 ECC Reg.Up to 12 x Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA Tesla

GPU/MIC Liquid Cooling

Aspen Systems partners with Asetek the worldwide leader in liquid cooling solutions for data centers, high performance computing, and gaming systems. There direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions remove heat from key hots spots found in high performance computing servers. Liquid cooling your CPU and Coproccessor can maximize your density gains and energy efficiency today at an affordable price.

Intel Xeon Phi Liquid Cooling Image

Contact Aspen Today for Pricing

Contact us today to discuss your application and hardware requirements for your next high performance computing purchase integrated with a Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA Tesla accelerators. Our experienced sales staff will work closely with you to determine the optimal cost-effective solution that meets your exact needs. You can call us at (800) 992-9242 or email us at sales@aspsys.com for free quote.