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Custom HPC Storage

Customized HPC Storage Solutions from Aspen Systems


High performance storage goes hand-in-hand with supercomputing. Your file access performance directly impacts your computational efficiency in many cases, as more and more codes require large input data sets and generate large quantities of output data.

HPC places unique performance and reliability demands on your storage solution. If your storage solution does not provide enough performance, your computation will be slowed, or even blocked while waiting for file access. If your storage solutions reliability is not high enough, you can lose computing time or even precious data.

Regrettably, storage is often an afterthought in many HPC designs. When processor speed, memory, and Interconnect considerations are the only design considerations for your next purchase, you run the risk of undermining the efficiency and reliability of your HPC solution by teaming it with an inadequate or poorly matched storage solution that becomes the performance bottleneck and limiting factor in system productivity.

Aspen can help you select the most cost effective storage components for your new system, balancing data access performance with the overall performance of your solution to achieve the best overall system performance for your investment.

To that end, Aspen teams with some of the best storage providers in the business to offer you the best solution for your specific storage needs. We partner with storage solution providers who provide distinct advantages, and are the industry leaders in their specialty areas. Here are some popular HPC Storage solutions that we offer:


Aspen partners with Terascala to offer high performance Lustre storage solutions. Lustre is a parallel file system originally developed by Cluster File Systems which was aquired by Sun Microsystems / Oracle. Lustre is used in some of the largest HPC clusters in the world. Lustre can scale to thousands or tens of thousands of client systems, can handle Petabytes of storage, and provides hundreds of Gigabytes per second of storage access speed. If you’re looking for the large scale cluster file system of choice, in use by several of the top 10 largest clusters in the world at any given time, Lustre is it. Both RHEL and Novell SuSe offer standard enterprise kernels with Lustre support.


Aspen partners with Panasas to deploy their parallel NFS solution. Panasas is one of the creators of parallel NFS, which is currently in the process of IETF standards approval.

Panasas has developed the PanFS file system, which allows a pNFS server to be layered on top of PanFS without a protocol gateway. Panasas supports standard NFS client access to their storage solution in addition to their parallel client, which can greatly increase the flexibility of the solution. Panasas offers several different levels of systems called the ActiveStor. These systems provide a global name space and unified management capabilities and all the systems are easily expanded by adding more storage shelves to an existing system, increasing performance and storage space.

Your Aspen Sales engineer is here to answer these types of questions, and to help you design your solution. We use best of breed components and partners, and will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and desires while presenting the different options and their trade-offs, resulting in the best system design for you.

Contact Us Today for all of Your HPC storage needs

Contact us today to discuss your requirements for your next HPC storage purchase. Our experienced sales staff will work closely with you to determine the optimal cost-effective HPC storage solution for your exact needs. You can call us at (800) 922-9242 or email us at sales@aspsys.com for free quote.