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    High Performance Computing needs within in the government sector reaches well beyond Civilian and Defense programs. Governing bodies are responsible to provide a stable information infrastructure for resources ...

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    Higher Education

    One of the most significant investments our global community makes in our collective future is that of higher education. High Performance Computing plays an integral role in the escalating success of such institutions ...

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    Traditionally, the finance and banking industries have relied heavily on information technology to support the operational aspects of their business sector. The risk of functioning with inadequate technology was ...

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    Life Sciences

    The Life Sciences sector relies heavily on High Performance Computing. Extensive research, development, testing and marketing are only a sampling of the process that must be completed as quickly ...

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    Severe weather and seasonal climate phenomena have a profound impact on both human population as well as the world economics. Innovative HPC system architectures are required to meet the demands of the ...

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    High Performance Computing has, and continues to, modernize the US manufacturing sector. HPC is considered a key driver in upgrading our nation's manufacturing capabilities. A factsheet produced by ...

Aspen Warranties

A hardware warranty from Aspen is a great way to ensure that hardware failures don't cause extended downtime or headaches. As an Aspen customer, you receive software support free of charge from Aspen for the life of your cluster under our Standard Service plan. If you select our Flex Service or Total Service plans, you'll even receive all software upgrades to your cluster environment as you request them.

Aspen hardware warranties are available with all our systems, and our warranties allow much more flexibility than many other vendors. Aspen offers a Total System hardware warranty, which is the more traditional warranty covering all components delivered in your order, or separate warranties on different components in your system. Separate component warranties are very popular with customers who operate larger systems with phased upgrade requirements.

Aspen can warranty your entire system for the period of time chosen, or different components of your delivered systems separately, allowing you the capability to cover all, or only part of your environment for different periods of time.

Once you have chosen the warranty types you desire, you can select the amount of time you wish each warranty type to be in effect. Aspen warranties systems for a maximum period of five (5) years from date of delivery. Aspen offers hardware warranties for the following periods.

Bronze (One Year)

Silver (Two Year)

Gold (Three Year)

Platinum (Four Year)

Diamond (Five Year)

If you later wish to extend your hardware warranty after your system is delivered, it is very easy to do so using our Warranty Extensions. Speak to your sales engineer for more information.

Hardware Warranty Definition

All of our hardware warranties consist of parts and labor warranty and support for the period of time contracted after your system is delivered. Aspen provides replacement parts during your warranty, and advanced part replacement for companies with good credit standing. . Advance replacement parts must be returned to Aspen within 10 days of the replacement taking place, or you will be billed for the part.

For each warranty claim, you must obtain an RMA number from Aspen Systems. Items not included in the warranty coverage incur Aspen Systems normal repair rates, including return freight charges. Aspen Systems is not responsible for damages incurred in shipping.

Aspen pays for parts to be shipped both ways for the life of your warranty. All shipping under our standard hardware warranty is done as "standard ground" shipping for the carrier applicable to your area. Higher priority shipping under this plan is available but will result in additional expense. If deemed necessary by Aspen engineering, entire nodes or peripheral units may be returned to Aspen for repair at our expense as well.

The Aspen standard hardware and software warranty coverage that comes with every cluster we ship is outlined in detail in our Standard Service Package page, but additional Add-on services such as Priority Shipping, On-site Spares, Disaster Recovery Service, and many Managed Service offerings are available as well.

Speak to your Aspen Sales Engineer today for more information about our warranty coverage and additional Managed Service and Add-on packages that are available. At Aspen, we believe you should be able to customize your support the way you want it.

Contact your Aspen Systems sales engineer at 1-800-992-9242 today.