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    High Performance Computing needs within in the government sector reaches well beyond Civilian and Defense programs. Governing bodies are responsible to provide a stable information infrastructure for resources ...

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    Higher Education

    One of the most significant investments our global community makes in our collective future is that of higher education. High Performance Computing plays an integral role in the escalating success of such institutions ...

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    Traditionally, the finance and banking industries have relied heavily on information technology to support the operational aspects of their business sector. The risk of functioning with inadequate technology was ...

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    Life Sciences

    The Life Sciences sector relies heavily on High Performance Computing. Extensive research, development, testing and marketing are only a sampling of the process that must be completed as quickly ...

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    Severe weather and seasonal climate phenomena have a profound impact on both human population as well as the world economics. Innovative HPC system architectures are required to meet the demands of the ...

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    High Performance Computing has, and continues to, modernize the US manufacturing sector. HPC is considered a key driver in upgrading our nation's manufacturing capabilities. A factsheet produced by ...

Shared Sessions

Use an Aspen Systems Shared Session to share an encrypted desktop with your Aspen contact. Do you need design or sales help, benchmarking assistance, a software or cluster demonstration, or technical help with one of your existing clusters? Perhaps you would like a short tutorial about a particular HPC subject. No problem, we're here for you, and happy to help.

All you need is a Java equipped browser. Easy, safe, and fast! Ask for your shared session today!

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After you request your shared session, an Aspen staff member will approve it and you'll get an e-mail with the URL and password for your session. Go online with Aspen to work on that knotty problem, answer that question, or see a live demo of our clusters in action today!

Aspen Shared Session is implemented with an Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) java applet that secures the connection between your browser and Aspen Systems. We dynamically generate one-time use passwords and a new user environment for every session to ensure that your Shared Session is secure.