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Title CRM Programmer, PHP, MySQL,Java,
Salary COE
Start Date 2017-10-18
Job Information

Job Description-In House Only

We are looking for a Senior Sugar CRM Programmer to join our team that thrives on using the newest technologies that we provide to our customers in design and manufacturing to support. Our vision is to be the leader in High-Performance Computing in North America through our systematic approach incorporating evidence management with a work/life balance.

This new team member will be working on internally facing Sugar CRM application. Work will be accomplished in a Linux/Windows professional development environment using GIT, Java, PHP, REST API’s, MySQL Server, HTML, CSS. The version of Sugar CRM is the professional version. All new modules must be written within the guidelines of being upgradable to the newer versions of Sugar is required. This position involves both client-side and server-side development, you will be working jointly with the inside software development team and outside contractors to execute all strategies within the long-term vision of the company’s goals.

You will get to grow/maintain and enrich our Sugar CRM application as the lead programmer. Working with Sales and Management on adding new features to our Sugar CRM vision. You will be involved in full lifecycle development process, gathering requirements, coding, and development, support and maintenance. Working with our in-house engineering team in design, development & implementing new BI/AI solutions. Responsibility for all development by taking all available creative assets, provided and coding them onto Sugar CRM, developing within a sandbox of Dev, Stage and to production release. Software maintenance updating and revising relevant modules in all software upgrades is imperative to the objective.

Skills, Requirements & Training:

Master/BS in Engineering/Science/Communication/Information/Programming, Technology or an equivalent technical field or real-world experience as well as some understanding Linux Administration including LAMP, modern sales processes, and CRM best practices. We are committed to achieving the best posable outcome and will be providing extensive training that will include travel at times.

• Ability to write and debug code without an IDE
• Ability to code that is within the standards of the framework style
• Knowledge of Linux/Windows server environments
• Significant independent Web/CRM development experience
• Advanced knowledge in PHP, MySQL, Java,
• Substantial API experience – in creating and using standards
• 5+ years programming experience in similar languages.
• Competence in HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, JavaScript, REST/Ajax, MySQL
• MySQL Server administrator knowledge
• Browser Compatibility, Markup Validation, Beta Testing Strategies
• Content Management Systems (CMS)
• Version Control Systems (SVN, GIT)
• Knowledgeable in Agile & Scrum methodologies.

The perfect candidate would further describe their skills as follows:

• Strong execution of Project Management responsibilities
• Possesses an online portfolio demonstrating elegant and clean design/styles
• Strong passion and self-discipline for continuously reaching and surpassing goals.
• You understand the value of documentation of all processes and procedures

About Aspen Systems Inc.

In 2002, Aspen Systems, Inc. manufactured a high-performance computational cluster that was named as the world’s eighth fastest supercomputer. From 2003 through 2006, Aspen Systems, Inc. was ranked on Deloitte & Touché Technology Fast 50 Program for Colorado; a prestigious list of the fifty fastest growing technology companies in the area. Colorado Biz Magazine listed Aspen Systems, Inc. among its Top 250 companies in Colorado over four consecutive years (2003-2006). Aspen Systems, Inc. is a certified audited vendor for Lockheed Martin and was honored to hold the esteemed Lockheed Martin Star Supplier award in 2008; an accolade granted only to the top 0.1% of LMCO suppliers. Aspen Systems, Inc. is an ISO9001: 2008 certified company and manufactures in our own fully compliant ANSI/ESD S20.20 facility. This is a drug-free/non-smoking environment for our employees.

At Aspen Systems our success is attributed to the people that join our team. We constantly seek individuals with the skills, talent, vision, and creativity to go beyond a simple job description, do you think way outside the box? We are a group of talented professionals who enjoy our work and are driven to succeeding. Come join us on our rapidly growing successful journey. We are growing fast, the Excitements, Challenges, and Opportunities are very real and we are having fun at being the very best.

Benefits Include

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we encourage diversity in our workplace. Aspen Systems also offers a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, and generous holidays and paid vacation, yearly bonus plan. Oh yes,there is more here than just the numbers, great people, fun and true success. If you believe you qualify please apply today to learn more about this exciting career.

Yes, we believe in “Joel on Software”

Joel Test score: 12 out of 12

The Joel Test is a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.

• Do you use source control?
• Can you make a build in one step?
• Do you make daily builds?
• Do you have a bug database?
• Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
• Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
• Do you have a spec?
• Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
• Do you use the best tools money can buy?
• Do you have testers?
• Do new candidates write code during their interview?

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