Our Team Spirit Creates Our Culture

Aspen Systems is a collaborative, team-focused work environment that is comprised of some of the most dedicated and inspirational minds in the business. Albeit incredibly hardworking, we are a laid back community, with weekly company-provided lunches in a pet-friendly atmosphere. We love being outside, and occasionally go on company walks on the hiking trails that are literally right outside our front door. Our team is here to set goals, win, and celebrate.

Out Our Front Door Hiking

Our culture includes the 6.5 mile family-friendly multi-use trail that is located just south of Interstate 70 and runs from Youngfield Street to Harlan winding through the scenic Wheat Ridge Greenbelt. The Clear Creek Trail provides numerous conservation benefits and recreation opportunities including biking, walking, kayaking and bird watching.

This short, easy stroll has more to offer than you might think. West Lake and neighboring Bass Lake provide a very natural open space setting consisting of creek-side trails (Clear Creek), wetlands complete with a nature boardwalk, copious amounts of birds and small mammals, and beautiful fall colors.

Weekly Company Lunches


The Aspen Systems Team

The work we do at Aspen Systems touches so many lives, and the team is such an essential part of what we do.

Our Culture starts with Steve - CEO


“Over the years I’ve been privileged to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. It’s truly an honor to work with each and every one of this passionate team.”
Chad - Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer

“I’m responsible for designing, deploying and maintaining complex HPC solutions to our customers. I enjoy hunting and fishing, along with cars, trucks and motorcycles.”
Kevin - Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

“Outside the office I enjoy cooking, hiking, snowboarding and motorcycles; but in the office I build and maintain custom computing systems for our customers.”
Mako - Senior Sales Engineer

Senior Sales Engineer

“I’ve been a Computational Chemist/Physicist, an HPC Systems Administrator, and an HPC Development Engineer. I’m now a husband and proud dad to five”
Dyanne - Sales Executive

Sales Executive

“Customers benefit from my search and rescue skills – the twists and turns of the landscape are exhilarating; and they trust I won’t stop until I find them their perfect solution.”
Eric - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

“I create unique, user interfaces for engaging user experiences. I love hiking 14ers, wilderness camping, and skiing the trees in the great Colorado Rocky Mountains.”
Dustin - Production Manager

Production Manager and Sales Associate

“I help create and build powerful and reliable HPC solutions. I’m a tech enthusiast who loves playing and watching hockey, along with being an avid gamer and foodie.”
Hannah - Product Manager

Product Manager and Sales Associate

“I provide the website with new products and updated pricing. In my free time, I am an avid tech-junky, craft do-er, and spend as much time outside as possible.”
Ron - Talent Acquisition and Retention

Talent Acquisition and Retention

“The ability to find fantastic, talented, and humble people to recruit to the Aspen Systems team. I love my wife, my kids, and classic Italian-made road bicycles.”
George - Production Technician

Production Technician

“I’m proud to be a part of the HPC world of supercomputing, where our stakeholders are pushing the limits of discovery. I enjoy kayaking, bicycling and hiking with my wife.”
Ed - Accountant

CPA and Accountant

“I make sure the numbers balance and work with the team to help keep things running smooth. I enjoy the Colorado lifestyle with my wife and 3 dogs.”