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Aspen Systems Logo JPEG


The teal “A”:

  • Teal PMS 320 C
  • Hex: #009DA5
  • RGB: R0,G157,B165
  • HSV: H183, S100, V64.7
  • HSL: H183, S100, L32.4
  • CMYK: C1, M0.0485, Y0, K0.3529

The red text :

  • Red PMS 221 C
  • Hex: #9E4C6E
  • RGB: R158,G76,B110
  • HSV: H335, S51.9, V62
  • HSL: H335, S35, L45.9
  • CMYK: C0, M0.519, Y0.3038, K0.3804

Downloadable formats:

FormatUse for
SVG (1.1) Scalable Image, used for printing any resolution you need
(This is most likely the format you need)
PDF Scalable Image, used for printing any resolution you need
(Use to show scalable logo when no svg viewer is available)
Transparent PNG
(218px X 123px) (640px X 480px) (1280px X 960px) (2000px X 1312px)
Raster Image with transparency
(Use to embed in digital media such as web sites or other images)
JPEG (2053px X 1160) Use if you need JPEG format
Transparent GIF Use if you need GIF format

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