Custom Designed Supermicro Servers

Custom Supermicro Servers

Aspen Systems has over 35 years of experience delivering high-performance computing solutions for world class clients such as USAF, NASA, NOAA and Lockheed Martin utilizing custom designed Supermicro servers.

We provide ultra high density and lowest possible TCO plus support for all operating systems in your custom Supermicro server. Higher education history including MIT, University of Colorado Boulder, Texas A&M and UCLA. Corporate research industry leaders include M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, ESPN, and Merrill Lynch.

We’re passionate about HPC technology, and our computing solutions are quality hand crafted in the united states.Aspen Systems HPC Clusters

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Supermicro Servers


Supermicro’s Line of Rackmount Servers and Towers,
with the Best Price/Performance Ratio.
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Supermicro A+ / AMD Servers

A+/AMD Servers

AMD-Based Motherboards and Systems Offer New Levels of
Performance and Flexibility.
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Supermicro SuperStorage


Maximum Capacity & Performance, for Use in Enterprise,
Data Center & Cloud Environments.
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Supermicro Intel Xeon Servers

Intel Xeon Servers

Uncompromised Performance Utilizing the Power of
Intel’s Latest Series Chipset.
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Supermicro 2U Twin™ / 2U TwinPro™

2U Twin/2U TwinPro

The Highest Throughput Storage, Networking, I/O, Memory,
and Processing Capabilities in 2U.
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2U Twin2/2U TwinPro2

Hot-Swappable Devices that Share the Same Chassis
and Power Supplies.
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Supermicro FatTwin™


A High-Density 8/4/2 Hot-Plug Node, with a Variety of Memory,
HDD, PCI, Networking, and GPU Options.
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Supermicro Ulta Server

Ultra Server

Delivers Unrivaled Performance, Flexibility, Scalability &
Serviceability for Demanding Enterprise Workloads.
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Supermicro JBOD Expansion

JBOD Expansion

The Most Cost-Efficient and Easiest Way to Expand Storage.
Perfect for Backups, Archiving and Storage.
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Supermicro GPU / Xeon Phi Servers

GPU/Xeon Phi Servers

The latest Intel Xeon Processors Utilizing Instruction Sets and
Xeon Phi’s Multiple Programming Model.
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Supermicro SuperWorkstations


Server-Grade Performance for Multimedia, Engineering
and Scientific Applications.
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