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Test Drive the ATOS Quantum Learning Machine Today

Aspen Systems is offering up to five days to test drive the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM). This includes all software and hardware needed to test your code and learn how to program on a quantum computer. The QLM is a quantum computing simulator that allows you to develop your own algorithm on the most widely-used quantum programming frameworks.

What is the ATOS Quantum Learning Machine?

The Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) is a complete on-premises environment with a powerful dedicated hardware infrastructure that allows researchers, engineers, and students to develop and experiment with quantum software.

It embeds a programming platform, high-performance quantum simulators, and optimizers. As a result, applications developed on the Atos QLM can be emulated or run on quantum accelerators without changing a single line of code.

The QLM software simulates physical noise for a closer-to-reality hardware quantum environment sensitive to different physics effects. It provides predefined models that allow tuning to simulate specific hardware, and it also allows advanced users to define noisy gates to get better-suited noisy simulation results.

atos quantum learning machine

Core Benefits of the QLM

Universal programming environment

  • Supports the most widely used quantum programming paradigms (gate-based, annealing, and analog)
  • Built to evade hardware lock-in

Provides scalability

  • 41 qubits (brute force simulation)
  • Hybrid quantum-classical simulations

Provides a user-friendly framework

  • Jupyter Notebooks library
  • Integrated Quantum Algorithms & QLIB

Offers interoperability

  • Interoperability capabilities with proprietary frameworks
  • Enables the development of custom connectors

Provides advanced simulation

  • Evaluate the impact of quantum noise on your simulation’s results

Accelerates supercomputers and hybrid systems

  • Enables the design of new quantum-powered accelerators for supercomputers or hybrid systems

Leverage Quantum Properties

The first quantum revolution took place at a microscopic level and brought some major innovations of the 20th century such as the transistor, the laser, superconducting devices, and optical fibers. Many experts are convinced that the second quantum revolution, which will see quantum information emerging, is already upon us. A binary digit is always in one of two definite states (0 or 1) however quantum computing uses qubits which can be in a superposition of states (1 and 0 superposed), enabling massively parallel computation. This multiplies capacity, so that quantum computers with a modest number of qubits, as little as 60, could solve problems that today’s most powerful supercomputers cannot address with years of computing time! Advances in quantum science are extensive and demonstrate the reality of the tremendous opportunities to accelerate calculations, which together allow quantum superposition and quantum entanglement.

Thanks to Atos’ large in-memory infrastructure, it is simple and seamless to upgrade the simulation capabilities from 30 to 41 qubits.

Grow as your business needs it while leveraging existing investments.


Upgrade your Atos QLM to suit your simulation needs


Feature Comparison

Features myQLM
Atos QLM
Atos QLM E(nhanced)
Custom Gates
QLIB Libraries
Interoperability Kit - Open Source
Gate Set Rewriter X
Topology Constraints Solver X
Circuit Optimizer X
DIGITAL QC SIMULATION Simulation Capabilities Up to 20 qubits Up to 40 qubits Up to 40 Qubits
Simulation Performances
PyLinalg - Open Source
Advanced Noiseless Simulators X
Noisy Simulators X
Acceleration up to 12x X X
QLM FOR COMBINATORIAL OPTIMIZATION Simulated Quantum Annealing X (default) up to 500 variables
(option) up to 2,000 variables
(option) up to 5,000 variables
(Soon) Acceleration for Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm X X
SERVICES Training Self-training Instructor-led Instructor-led
Support Community Subscription Subscription
Consulting On Demand On Demand On Demand

Why Test the Quantum Learning Machine?

This is an opportunity to see all of the options that the QLM provides, and test it out for yourself before you buy.

The Test Drive may come with a training session with a QLM expert to get you started on running your code. If you have any interest in testing your algorithm on the QLM, you are welcome to apply for time on the machine. For the more serious users, we may consider shipping the appliance to your facility for testing.

Get ready for the Quantum revolution!

Quantum is opening possibilities that will transform how information is processed and used. Thanks to Aspen Systems Inc., you can start experimenting and developing applications.

quantum learning machine development platform

A Development Platform

Discover Atos’ Quantum Learning Machine (QLM), a comprehensive programming development platform and the world’s highest-performing quantum simulator.

Available in many countries, Atos QLM enhances and accelerates research programs across a variety of sectors, providing customers with unparalleled capabilities for exploring and developing quantum solutions.

quantum learning machine test and develop

Test and Experiment

Test and develop quantum algorithms on any device with myQLM, a freeware Python package which comes with interoperability connectors.

This package allows for easy integration and collaboration with other tools and systems, making it a versatile and accessible solution for working with quantum computing applications.

quantum learning machine q-score


Accelerate quantum applications in life with Q-score, a groundbreaking quantum metrics reference applicable to all quantum processors.

This innovative metric measures the efficiency of executing representative quantum applications, focusing on a system’s effectiveness in tackling real-life problems rather than its theoretical or physical performance.

quantum learning machine accelerate innovation

Accelerate Innovation

Experience top-notch consulting and innovation services tailored to help you understand, evaluate, identify real use cases, and adopt cutting-edge technology.

Stand out from the competition by leveraging unique expertise in the field of quantum hybridization – the convergence of high-performance computing (HPC) and quantum computing.


First revealed in June 2020 and officially showcased at SC20, Atos’ QLM for Combinatorial Optimization environment will allow users to prepare codes to tackle combinatorial optimization problems using either quantum annealing or gate-based quantum computing.

As an additional feature of the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM), Atos then allows users to simulate their code either on noisy or noiseless digital quantum simulators or using quantum-inspired modules like Simulated Quantum Annealing (SQA) or Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm (SBA).

Quantum Computing promises to solve larger optimization problems faster and more accurately, which will generate tangible benefits for industries, such as portfolio management, logistics, antenna location, chip design or clinical trial database search.

Key benefits of using both approaches in the Atos QLM:

quantum annealing and digital quantum computing
Better understand the specificities of quantum annealing and digital quantum computing
combinatorial optimization
Compare the benefits and constraints of two quantum computing technological paths applied to combinatorial optimization problems
NISQ accelerators
Prepare code to then run on NISQ accelerators or Quantum Annealing machines using the same programming environment

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