Designing clusters is a complex set of sophisticated exchanges between price, performance & reliability with knowledge of the custom software stack options and then combining the performance goals to achieve the perfect balance in design.

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Designing a cost effective high performance cluster that fits your needs requires more than just an in-depth knowledge about computer hardware, it requires industry-specific experience. Aspen has that expertise. We specialize in building small and medium HPC clusters, database clusters, storage clusters, and large HPC Clusters. While many of the basic design considerations are identical, each type presents specific challenges and has areas where more attention should be given.

Aspen provides several different levels of Cluster Design Services, depending on your cluster size and type. Your design process begins the very first time you call us. Your sales engineer will follow a standardized design flow process to ensure that he or she collects and understands your specific requirements.

There are many things to consider when purchasing an HPC cluster and your Sales Engineer will work closely with you to discuss the following topics:

Application Mix
Performance Requirements
Interconnect Requirements
Storage Requirements
Future Expansion
Environment Integration
Power Requirements
Cooling Requirements
Cluster Management
Support Options

At Aspen, we believe that we’re building a solution together. This means that any additional information we can impart can only help you define the most reliable and cost effective long term solution, and that we need your input to truly understand your requirements and situation. To ensure that your future experience is as trouble free and enjoyable as possible, we go the extra distance and look at your long term requirements, something that many HPC vendors do not do. Your sales engineer will be thinking of ease of maintenance, total cost of ownership, and the best price performance ratio for your needs.