Aspen provides on-site and off-site training services for all aspects of your HPC needs. Our professional staff can help ensure your administrators and end-users have the information and skills they need to best utilize their new or existing HPC resources. Whether you need formal classroom training for your staff, informal training on-site directly with your users and administrators, or entirely custom curricula designed to your specific requirements, Aspen can help.

Expert Advice Training Request

Aspen offers informal, free flow, “one on one” training sessions on-site with your administrators and end-users, often as part of an on-site installation visit. Many customers find this method extremely effective, and enjoy the flexibility of having our training resource on site with their users and working on their specific problem sets with them in their own environment.

If a more traditional or structured training environment is desired, Aspen can provide training facilities in your area or at Aspen to accommodate your needs. To be cost effective for larger class sizes, Aspen recommends that we send an instructor to you and utilize training facilities at your organization or in your area.

Aspen provides basic training packages for cluster users and administrators which are tailored to be most effective on an Aspen configured cluster. All of our standard training presupposes some degree of familiarity with Linux commands, and utilizes that knowledge as a base to introduce more advanced concepts. We can also offer custom training sessions for your specific needs as well.

Aspen Training Packages

User Training

Aspen Cluster User Training covers a variety of standard topics many new cluster users have difficulty with, and is intended to take the user from their first login on the new cluster to actually running their codes with real world problem sets. Aspen will need a list of your users applications in advance in order to prepare properly for your training session, and remote access to your cluster from the training location is highly recommended.

Administrator Training

Aspen Cluster Administrator Training serves as an administrator introduction to an Aspen cluster, and teaches your administration staff how best to maintain and repair your delivered configuration. The training is tailored to your delivered system, as some information may not be germane to your specific implementation. Some Linux administrative knowledge is a prerequisite for this course, and that knowledge is used as a base to introduce and expand upon more advanced topics. Physical access to the delivered cluster is mandatory, so this training must be done on-site with the cluster, or prior to delivery at an Aspen manufacturing facility.

Custom Training Sessions

Custom training sessions can be contracted as well. If you, for example, require parallel code development instruction, debugger training, performance tuning, or other subject training not covered by our standard training packages, your sales engineer can work with you to either extend one of our packages, or to outline an entirely custom curriculum.

In many cases, a custom training session will require that one of our standard training packages be completed by your students before the additional training session is initiated. Additional time will be needed to develop your custom curriculum. Our training engineers will need to work with you extensively to understand your exact training goals. They will present curriculum outlines for your approval which you must approve prior to developing your course.