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At Aspen Systems, our world revolves around High Performance Computing (HPC). Aspen Systems sells, manufactures, designs, installs and supports HPC clusters and storage solutions. To make it all happen we offer a large variety of equipment including custom servers, storage, ethernet networking, InfiniBand networking, and OminiPath Architecture networking. For custom servers, whether it’s blade servers, GPU, microblade servers, twin servers, or standard servers, we have them here. You can also browse around to see some of our offerings, and then talk to our sales team. They can help you from there. If you already know what you are looking for, or just want to browse our current prices, you are welcome to buy custom servers from of our online store. Don’t see something you’re interested in, let us know. Please contact us if you need volume pricing.


Asus Servers


Design Your Fully Customized Asus Server.
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Intel Custom Servers


Design Your Fully Customized Intel Server.
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Supermicro Custom Servers


Design Your Fully Customized Supermicro Server.
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Tyan Custom Servers


Design Your Fully Customized Tyan Server.
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Infortrend Custom Servers


Design Your Fully Customized Infortrend Server.
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GIGABYTE Custom Servers


Design Your Fully Customized GIGABYTE Server.
All Blades

All Blades

More Compute Power in a Smaller Space.
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Offering a Wide Variety to Fit Every Need.
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Smaller Version with the Same Compute Power.
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Twin Blades


Two Independent Nodes per Blade Server.
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Storage Servers

Storage Servers

Choose from a Wide Range of Storage Solutions.
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JBOD Expansion

JBOD Expansion

An Easy and Cost Effective Way to Expand.
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Most Performance with the Power of Intel.
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1U Servers

1U Servers

Minimal Size and Energy Efficiency.
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2U Servers

2U Servers

Includes Some of Our Most Popular Systems.
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3U Servers

3U Servers

Capable of Holding Large Amounts of Data.
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4U Servers

4U Servers

Includes the Most Abundant Amount of Options.
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GPU Workstations

GPU Workstations

Perfect for Computing Intensive Tasks.
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Mellanox InfiniBand

Mellanox InfiniBand

Efficiency and Scalability for HPC Clusters.
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Edge Core Ethernet Switches

Edge Core Switches

Scalable Networking for Many Different Needs.
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All Networking

All Networking

Proven Solutions to Fit Every Need.
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