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Aspen Systems offers a variety of server blades and enclosures, allowing for more processing power in less rack space. With up to 1440 blade servers in a 42U rack form factor, blades are the top choice for users that have space optimization policies. The dense modular system allows for ease of scalability and management. Other benefits to using server blades include power consumption reduction and cabling simplification. In fact, customers who have chosen to use blade servers have experienced up to 85% reduction in cabling, making it so IT administrators can spend more time focusing on performance and support, and less time with cable management.

Our collection of blades and enclosures is comprised of a variety of options, giving your company the ability to have its own, personalized design that fits your unique business needs. Our MicroBlade enclosures can fit up to 28 MicroBlades (112/56 nodes) and can be installed in a 6U/3U enclosure. Compared to typical 1U rack mount servers, the MicroBlade provides up to 95% space savings.

Our SuperBlade servers house up to 10 TwinBlade (20 nodes) can be installed in a 7U chassis. Compared to the 20U of rack space that 20 1U servers would typically require as individual servers, the SuperBlade delivers more than 50% density savings with 120 nodes and 24 switches in a 42U rack. Additionally, Aspen Systems offers specialty blades that are meant for GPU computing, NVMe Blades, Datacenter Blades, and more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our site, please reach out to our team for more information about our selection of Blades and Enclosures.

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