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From Ethernet to InfiniBand to Omni-Path, Aspen Systems offers numerous network switches. We believe the core of any business is its network, and every aspect of work life is linked to the internet. Because of this, a top-tier network is necessary in every successful business, and our wide array of network switches creates a unique, personalized solution for your business, regardless of your industry.

Our Ethernet switches start at 1Gbps and can go up to 100Gbps. Some of the 1Gbps and 10Gbps also support SFP+ Uplinks, which give the option of 100Gbps. Mellanox InfiniBand has become an ideal solution for many high performance computing environments, and boasts a wide range of products, and many different technologies. Their newest technology is InfiniBand EDR, and performs at speeds of up to 100Gbps. Mellanox also offers FDR switches, which reach top speeds of 56Mbps. Mellanox InfiniBand’s 1U switch design comes in 18-port and 36-port designs, and Mellanox also boasts switch systems, which contain up to hundreds of InfiniBand ports in a form factor up to 29U.

The 1U design of Intel Omni-path switches come in 24-port and 48-port designs, and performs at speeds of up to 100Gbps. Omni-path also offers ultra-low latency at 100-110ns, making it scalable and predictable for all HPC workloads. Because of traffic flow optimization and lower prices (compared with other options), Intel Omni-path is growing at a very fast pace, and is replacing other networking hardware as the supreme option for HPC networking. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our site, please reach out to our team for more information about our selection of Network Switches.

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