Warranty Extensions from Aspen Systems

A hardware warranty extension from Aspen is a great way to keep your system running smoothly longer. As an Aspen customer, you receive software support from Aspen for the life of your system under our Standard Service plan. If you selected our Flex Service or Total Service plans, you’re even receiving software upgrades to your cluster environment as you request them, but what about hardware failures?

When you purchased your cluster, you selected a one of the following hardware warranties for your systems and peripherals, RAID systems, and Interconnect.

(One Year)

(Two Year)

(Three Year)

(Four Year)

(Five Year)

There are three simple rules to remember when requesting a hardware warranty extension for your system:

  1. Aspen offers warranty extensions in one year increments starting from the last date of your previous warranty coverage. For example, if you purchased a system with a warranty that expired January 2014, then your extended warranty would begin from January 2014 regardless of when you purchase the extension.
  2. Your systems total warranty period can not exceed five years from the date of delivery for your system. Let’s say that you received your system on September 17th, 2011, and that it was purchased with a Gold (3 year) hardware warranty. Your normal coverage will expire on September 17th, 2014. You may extend your hardware warranty coverage for 2 additional years, to September 17th, 2016. You may not purchase a 3rd year extension, as that extension would extend your hardware warranty to six years from your systems delivery date.
  3. If your current hardware warranty is still in place, your warranty coverage can quickly be extended by your sales engineer. If the warranty has already expired, Aspen must perform an engineering due diligence and certification on your cluster in order to extend your warranty.

As your system hardware ages, additional hardware failures become more likely. Aspen stocks replacement parts for your systems based on the projected and measured failure rate of the components, so your hardware warranty cost will raise in the later years of your warranty period. Obtaining the longest warranty you expect to need when you initially purchase your cluster will almost always be cheaper than extending your warranty later, because Aspen will need to obtain and stock replacement parts that may be end of life or hard to obtain.

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