Aspen Systems Advantage

A Commitment to Quality:

Aspen Systems takes great pride in the quality of our products and services we provide for you. We continuously analyze our policies and procedures to implement the best practices when building out your fully customized systems. Due to our passion to bring you the best product on the market we have completed our ISO certification with high marks for the several years. Along with striving for excellence with ISO we have adopted LEAN Manufacturing into our production areas to give you more reliable systems at a lower cost. We also regularly audit our ESD standards to make sure that parts leaving our facility do not fail due to an electrostatic discharge. Our engineers have built a fully customized testing suite to stress test every single one of our systems to make sure that every component is functioning at peak performance. Aspen Systems is committed to constantly continuing to improve our quality, making sure that you can only obtain the best solutions through us.

Platinum registration, Inc ISO 9001:2008 certified
ANAB accredited ISO/IEC 17021-1 management systems cerification body
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Trusted by the most prestigious organizations on the planet

SCU15 NCCS Goddard Space Flight Center NASA

Aspen Systems is trusted by dozens of the world’s most important organizations to deliver the results that keep them running smoothly. In 2019, NASA Center for Climate Science chose Aspen Systems to add the latest cluster (SCU15) to the Discover supercomputer, expanding it by over 30%.
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A Passion for Excellence:

Top 10 System

Expertise is everything when you are looking to build out a new HPC solution for your business. That is why we will only focus 100% of our efforts in High Performance Computing to find you the best solution to fit your needs. We have over 35 years of experience as an integrator, which is why you should only come to us when you need perfection. Aspen Systems has had the honor to work with some of the most prestigious institutions in the world allowing us to build many top 500 clusters along with a top 10 super computer which we are deeply humbled by. Our goal is to use this vast amount of experience to not just meet your stringent expectations, but to bring you a profoundly better product every time.

World-class Service:

On-Site Services from Aspen Systems

Along with having the best systems on the market we also believe that we should provide you with the best services as well. If you need a professional on site installation of your system, this is not an issue as we will always send you the experts you need to get the job done correctly the first time. Also, if your team needs training on any subject matter relating to High Performance Computing our professional team will make sure that they learn everything they need to become experts in these areas as well. And while we do everything within our ability to make sure your systems are running flawlessly we do realize that there are bound to be failures that arise. Because of this we make sure to offer you the most comprehensive support plans to get you back up and running at peak performance as fast as possible. So if you are needing the best service in the industry there is no need to look any further than Aspen Systems.

Engineering Perfection:

Top 10 System

No challenge is ever the same when it comes to Advanced Computing, so we are here to offer you the best engineered solutions to accomplish any goal. Our proven engineering practices make sure that every solution designed by our sales engineers will perform the best with any budget. We analyze every detail that needs to be taken into account when creating your solutions from where the systems will be housed ensuring power and cooling requirements are met, to making sure that your custom software packages are fully supported. Aspen Systems will also take into account not only your present requirements for your unique cluster, but will also have a keen eye to take into consideration your requirements for the future. We value your success, so we will always put in the extra effort when engineering your systems so that they will perform flawlessly overcoming any challenges you may face.

Aspen Systems HPC

The team at Aspen Systems has proven expertise in providing our clients with the absolute best High Performance Computing solutions. Our extensive experience in mission-critical environments is demonstrated in every advanced computing system we build.

Aspen Systems provides the highest level of service, expertise, and integrity to Governments, Intelligence Agencies, Corporations and Universities throughout the world.

Since our passion is in High performance Computing, we strive to provide amazing quality in all aspects of our products and services. With the list of Aspen Systems advantages outlined below, it clearly shows our commitment and passion to achieve world class quality and excellence in the field of High Performance Computing.

The Aspen Systems Advantage

20 Ways We Excel
Aspen Systems Inc.
Mail Order Only
Tier 3 provider
Tier 1 providers (Dell/HPE)
GSA Certified GSA Schedule 70 Number: 47QTCA21D0065

Electrostatic Discharge Control ANSI/ESD 20:20
ISO Certified
International Organization for Standardization ISO-9001-2015

On-site Installation/Service

Onsite or Remote HPC Managed Services

HPC Architecture Services

Onsite or Remote Tailored HPC Training

Multiple Contract purchasing Vehicles Available

Complete Custom Software Builds Including all applications

Factory floor verification of all Software and Hardware of your order remotely before shipment.

Counterfeit Prevention Parts Program

Complete bar coding, lot tracking Quality Assurance Program

Over 35 years of Computer Industry Experience

Built a Top 10 Globally Ranked Supercomputer

100% HPC Focused Company (No Phones, Tablets or Notebooks sold)

ISO Quality Management System – Testing/Burn in-Process

Level 3 Technical Support – First Call or Email

100% USA Based Support

Up to 5 year warranty on Servers and Storage

Optional 24/7 Next day Support & Service

A Passion to Help Others

While our first passion is for High Performance Computing, we also believe in giving back to the community. The team at Aspen Systems is consistently providing sponsorships and donations for many charitable causes. We are actively involved in helping non-profits in the community, locally and nationally. The team along with our families and friends enjoy participating in charitable events such as biking, running, walks, triathlons, dinners, auctions and even a pub crawl all for a good cause. Not only do we give as a team in direct monetary participation, but we donate our time, support, and computer equipment to support those who need it as often as we can. We aren’t just watching from the side lines, we are on out in the field, helping to make our communities and the lives of other in need with love and support.

Autism Society
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
American Red Cross
Sox Place
Salvation Army
American Heart Association