Tips & FAQ

We are available for help through phone Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday Mountain Time

General Questions:

40+ Years in Business– Aspen Systems is a premier HPC (High-Performance Computing) product manufacturer specializing in supercomputers, technical storage solutions, and low latency high-speed networking equipment. We’re an award-winning company with experience that you can trust. We have trusted partnerships with Lockheed Martin, the Department of Defense, and thousands of other corporations and institutions we have supported over the years. Our team takes care of clients at every step of their build and follows up with expert ongoing support.

Expertise with Proven Experience – At Aspen Systems, our team brings their expertise with the drive to exceed your every expectation. Getting the best cost-effective solutions to mission-critical environments is the work that we do every day. To achieve this, we are constantly focused on you, our client. We strive to understand your unique business challenges and will use all our resources and experience to meet those challenges and exceed your expectations.

Quality Assurance– Aspen Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. As an ISO (International Standards Organization) company, we audit yearly to ensure constant quality improvements, accountability, and traceability. Every order is subjected to the same systems and controls regardless of size or complexity. Our in-house manufacturing facility is ESD 20:20 (Electronic Static Discharge) certified. This certification is another way we ensure that our manufacturing is up to a higher level of standard.

Statement of Work– Aspen Systems prides itself on an online SOW (Statement of Work) that is second to none. This intuitive and interactive resource allows you to fully customize all the necessary configuration types for your technology investments. You can retrieve this anytime for reference, additional procurement, or review as often needed with our system engineers or your technical team. Whether you’re building a Top 500 supercomputer with petabytes of storage or have the most complex software and security requirements, rest assured that our SOW will give you the peace of mind you need.

Industry-Leading Components– The quality and state of each individual system component are carefully evaluated before we assemble them together to create an end product. We have the industry experience and the historical knowledge of all the manufacturers that influence our marketplace. This knowledge, combined with our processes, procedures, and empirical data analysis of real-world MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), along with deploying a systematic approach of stressing each component with the completed integrated system, yields a 100% uptime for mission-critical systems – every time.

Extensive Burn-In Process– The ever-elusive Holy Grail in manufacturing: To produce an excellent high-quality product with the repeatability of the perfect water bottle. Our engineers work tirelessly and continuously to produce an ISO-compliant, completely automated burn-in process. This system has historical knowledge of every component and any failures that have occurred during our manufacturing process. With this information and years of experience, we believe that we have found that Holy Grail. Please take a look at our manufacturing excellence page to gain a deeper understanding of this process.

Custom Engineered Shipping Materials– An often overlooked and equally important step in the delivery of a perfect system, is the packaging. Aspen Systems has consulted with FedEx packaging engineers to design and improve all methodologies for proper shipments. When your rack or server arrives, it is fully intact and ready to be deployed. Rack systems roll off our customized pallets and are prepared to run. Servers are instantly online and functional to the SOW’s specifications.

Strategic Stakeholder Partnerships– In the complex world of HPC, in which many sciences and disciplines can get infinitely granular, problems arise. We have great vendor relationships to bring your solutions the best in products and services. We also have something more valuable-trust and integrity within our network of engineers and vendor partners. These partnerships have formed over the more than 40 years that Aspen Systems has been in business and are integral to providing the support you need. In everything we do, in everything we ship, this circle of knowledge is transferred to you.

Award-Winning Support– Today, many HPC products live longer in data centers, research labs, universities, and military facilities. The longevity of these products is directly related to the experience of the engineering support staff from whom you have purchased your product. We understand the complexities involved in maintaining the reliability and uptime, the urgency, and the different levels of support required at your site. When you purchase from us, you are also getting a knowledgeable engineering support staff to help you every step of the way. We are here for you, whether onsite or remote, by email, phone, or in person.

Onsite Service– We know that some projects are best completed when we are onsite. We will be there until the project is complete, no matter the scale of the project. Our engineers know that working data centers is never easy as they each have different challenges. Our team works with you before our arrival, to plan each step of an onsite to attain complete perfection and satisfaction. You may not always need this level of service, but should you require it, Aspen Systems will be there for you when and where you need it.

  • For Customer Service regarding your order status, changes to an order, or billing information please call us at 1-800-992-9242 or send an e-mail to, or use the Live Chat on the left side of the page (hours of operation apply).
  • For Hardware Support and System Repair please call us at 1-800-992-9242 or submit a ticket to our support team via Freshdesk.
  • For website support or issues, please visit our Site Feedback page and fill out the form.

My Account Questions:

Please be sure you’re using the right password and it is being entered correctly. Passwords are case sensitive. If you have forgotten or lost your password, please click the “Reset Password” link below the Password entry field on the Login/Register page. If you’re still having trouble with your account and none of the suggestions above work, please ask for help by sending a message on our Contact Us page or submitting a ticket via FreshDesk.

If Logged In

  • Go to My Account Page in the Top Navigation Area
  • Select Account Details from the sidebar (or menu bar if on mobile)
  • Enter your current password under the Password Change Section
  • Enter your new password and repeat it in the consecutive field

If Not Logged In

  • Select Login from the Top Navigation Area
  • In the popup > select the “Lost your password?” link
  • On the Reset Password Screen, enter your username or email address then select Reset Password
  • Check your email (and spam/junk folder) for further instruction on how to change your password.

Creating an account on Aspen Systems’ website gives you exclusive online membership benefits, including:

  • The ability to save products, configurations, and shopping carts
  • View your past orders
  • Contact our engineers and create support tickets
  • Add and manage multiple shipping addresses on a single account
  • Add and modify your personal information
  • Create a statement of work (SOW) for our engineers to follow, so that your product is built to your exact specifications
  • And even more! Please reach out to our sales team at if you’d like further information

Before Contacting Support:

If your system will not power on, first see if there is an amber-colored light on the back of the power supply. If it is amber, then your system is just powered off. A possible power outage or shut down may have occurred. Next, try pressing the systems power button on the front of the chassis to see if the system turns on and the amber light turns green. If the light is not illuminated, then make sure that the system”s power cord is plugged in completely, and if there is a power switch that the “I” is pressed down and not the “0.” Next, check any circuit breakers that the power supplies are connected to. If those suggestions do not fix the issue, please contact support by visiting our Contact Us page, call us at 1-800-992-9242 or submit a support ticket via FreshDesk.

If the system powers on but there is not video output, check to make sure that all VGA, DVI, or other video cables, are completely seated in the video IO ports. Power off the system and disconnect the power cords and use proper electrostatic discharge techniques to make sure the video card (if present) is fully seated. Reseat if need be. Make sure RAM or other components are also seated completely. If all of those suggestions do not fix the issue, please contact support by visiting our Contact Us page, call us at 1-800-992-9242 or submit a support ticket via FreshDesk.

Aspen Systems can help with installing and upgrading software licenses, configurations, and help train users on certain types of software.

For drivers and software updates, please visit the component and software manufacturers website for driver and software updates. Example, visit and choose the Drivers tab.

Ordering Questions:

Aspen Systems accepts checks, ACH/wire transfers, and most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express (a credit card charge fee may apply). When paying with a credit card online, you will be taken to a secure, encrypted server to enter your card information. You will see the charge approved or declined immediately.

Aspen Systems will accept government and educational purchase orders. For private sector purchase orders please contact us at to receive a credit application, then please fill it out and return per instructions on the form. It will take approximately 3 business days to process all credit applications.

Absolutely. Just call 1-800-992-9242, and one of Aspen Systems’ sales representatives would be happy to help you over the phone with an order. From standalone system components to custom configured systems, we are available from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm MST Monday through Thursday and 8:30 am – 5:00 pm MST on Friday.

Along with shipping to all 50 states and US territories, Aspen Systems can ship almost anywhere in the world! Please reach out to our sales team to find out if we ship to your location. Please call and speak to a sales representative at 1-800-992-9242 or email

Having a more personal relationship with your account manager helps us provide the most cost effective solutions for your specific needs, so to provide you with the best possible service, we can assign an account manager as your primary point of contact for all order, service, and billing questions. Our representatives are continually trained in order to offer our clients the best advice possible. This personal touch allows for us to answer any technical questions you have and guide you to make appropriate decisions for your organization.

Yes, we maintain a list of all of your locations given to us and can ship directly to each individual location per requested. Please contact a sales representative on the phone or by email so we can accommodate shipping to different addresses.

If you want a system with a chassis or bezel in a different color other than black or dark gray, please contact a sales representative and they will work with you to find if another color scheme is possible.

If you need to make changes or cancel an order, please contact a sales representative as soon as possible after an order submission. Orders may only be changed or cancelled within 48 hours of submission of purchase on special order or custom systems. Orders cancelled after this period will be subject to a restocking fee.

Please contact a customer service representative at 1-800-992-9242 or email Returned components are subject to a 15% restocking fee and will only be accepted in sealed original packaging. Custom ordered systems and product assemblies are only cancellable within 48 hours from time of order placement and will be subject to a 50% restocking fee after period of cancellation. All returns must be authorized in advance and in writing by an Aspen Systems customer service agent. For more information please review our Terms and Conditions or Return Policy.

Every system built at Aspen System is assembled by trained technicians that have experience with advanced technology, and the builds are subject to an extensive burn-in process that stress tests every component to ensure that each part is working correctly. For more information, visit our page on manufacturing excellence.

An Aspen Systems production engineer can set up the software on your system to dual boot different operating systems, but because of the more complicated nature of this setup we would like to discuss your configuration with you prior to installation (i.e. choice limitations, partitioning information, etc.) Please contact a sales representative at 1-800-992-9242 or email

Yes, system image duplication is another service we offer, sometimes referred to as “ghosting.” If you order multiple identical systems with the same drive configuration, an Aspen systems engineer can build all of your machines with the same system image. If you have an existing system and are needing to replicate it, let us save you some time and money by duplicating that system’s image and deploying it onto your newly purchased systems.

After Aspen Systems receives your order, you should expect your completed and fully tested system(s) in 14-24 business days. Systems with multiple, high capacities of hard drives can take up to 5 days to complete a testing cycle. High volume orders can also lead to longer ship times. We only ship out quality and fully working builds. If there are any delays, you will be contacted by an Aspen Systems representative.

When we install your chosen operating system, an Aspen Systems engineer will have set the default system (root or Administrator) password to: “Password2024” (case sensitive, without quotes). If this does not allow you to log into your system, please call us at 1-800-992-9242 or submit a support ticket via FreshDesk.

In case of the unfortunate event of damaged goods or lost goods during shipment, please document and take images of the damage shipments at the time of delivery if possible and notify the delivery driver so they can submit an issue, then please contact us at 1-800-992-9242 or email as soon as possible. If there are items that are missing from your order, such as Ethernet, Mellanox, and power cables, please first check the accessories box that is packages along with your system. If they are still not there, please contact us to get those cables replaced and sent out.


Please click on the link at the bottom of the email newsletter that says, “unsubscribe here” or contact us at

All sensitive information (such as your credit card information) that is transmitted between Aspen Systems and your browser is encrypted and done over the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Aspen Systems uses Extended Validation (EV) SSL from DigiCert which is the best SSL certificate currently available. To learn more, please visit For added security, Aspen Systems does not store credit card information on our servers.

Your web browser will display a green address bar when visiting a web site that has been secured by a valid EV SSL Certificate. Also, on the right hand side of the address bar you will notice a box which alternates between your legal company name and the certificate authority which issued the EV Certificate.

No. Aspen systems will never sell your information to anyone. All customer information is kept private and secure. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Yes. Aspen Systems serializes processors, RAM, motherboards, chassis, hard drives, and component cards. We do this for our records to keep track of warranty and also to provide you with serial numbers so if your company requires an inventory or tracking system, we have you covered. When we test a system through AIME, AIME records MAC addresses for every system and we can provide you a list of those MAC addresses.