Aspen Systems Inc. Sustainability and Recycling Initiatives

Commitment to Sustainability

Aspen Systems Inc., located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, is dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our high-performance computing solutions. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond creating efficient computing systems; it encompasses our entire operation, from manufacturing to daily office activities.

Comprehensive Technology Recycling Program

Aspen Systems Inc. is willing to help our customers recycle HPC hardware that has reached the end of its useful life, whether or not they are one of our systems.

Aspen Systems Inc. is dedicated to supporting our customers in recycling their products once they end their useful life. We offer guidance and services to ensure that old equipment is disposed of responsibly, contributing to a sustainable future.

This program demonstrates our commitment to supporting sustainable practices across the industry and ensures that we contribute to a circular economy.

For more information regarding our technology recycling program, please contact your sales representative or call 1-800-992-9242.

Material Recycling Programs

Office Recycling

At our headquarters in Wheat Ridge, CO, we have implemented extensive recycling systems. We have bins for paper, plastic, glass, and metal.

We go the extra mile to ensure these materials are recycled properly, making additional trips to scrap yards as necessary. Our office environment reflects our dedication to minimizing waste and promoting recycling at every opportunity.

Manufacturing Recycling

Our manufacturing processes are designed to be as green as possible. We recycle all materials used during production and prioritize integrating products that utilize recycled materials. This commitment ensures that our high-performance computing solutions are top-tier in performance and sustainability.

Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

LED Lighting Upgrade

We are upgrading all lighting in our facilities to energy-efficient LED bulbs. This change significantly reduces our energy consumption and aligns with our goal of minimizing our environmental impact.

Automated Lighting Systems

Throughout our Wheat Ridge production facility, we utilize automated lighting that prevents unnecessary electricity consumption.

Water Conservation

In an effort to conserve water, we have removed all grass from our premises. This initiative helps us reduce water usage, demonstrating our commitment to resource conservation in all aspects of our operations.

Remote Workers Reduce Carbon Emissions

At Aspen Systems Inc., we recognize the significant sustainability benefits of remote work. By enabling our employees to work from home, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 54% by eliminating daily commutes.

LEAN Manufacturing for Less Waste

LEAN manufacturing reduces environmental impact and promotes efficiency by minimizing waste and optimizing resource use. This approach ensures we deliver high-quality products while conserving resources and supporting a greener future.

Join Us in Our Green Journey

Together, we can achieve a greener, more sustainable future.

We invite you to join us in creating a more sustainable world. By choosing Aspen Systems Inc., you not only invest in industry-leading, cutting-edge, high-performance computing solutions, but you also support a company committed to making a positive environmental impact.