5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

intel 5th gen xeon scalable processors


Quickly scale your systems and unlock new opportunities with 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors, the newest generation of our powerful and trusted processors.

This generation is software and platform compatible with the previous generation, but it now allows memory speeds up to DDR5 5600MHz, supports Compute Express Link 1.1, and has up to 64 cores per CPU. Refreshing legacy servers can increase efficiency while enabling advanced use cases to drive your competitive advantage.

Industry-Leading Acceleration to Drive Your Growth

By delivering more performance per core, 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors help you meet requirements for even the most demanding deployments.

General Compute Performance


better vs. 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® processors

AI training and inference performance up to


better vs. 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® processors

Average performance-per-watt efficiency up to


higher when using Intel® Accelerator Engines

The processor designed for AI

AI is transforming how we work. Businesses save money and time and create new opportunities using state-of-the-art AI models for language, text-to-image, and code generation.

With AI acceleration in every core, 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors with built-in AI accelerators like Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX), faster memory, and larger last-level cache are ready to handle demanding AI workloads with improved performance for deep learning (DL) inference and training.

Benefit from up to 14x higher performance on PyTorch for inference and training with 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors, compared to 3rd Gen Intel Xeon processors. Realize up to 2.5x higher performance per watt with 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors with Intel AMX, compared to 4th Generation AMD EPYC processors. With nimble large-language models (LLMs) of up to 20 billion parameters, 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors meet the service-level agreements (SLAs) for delivering real-time user experiences with less than 100 ms second-token latency on LLMs.

Intel® Accelerator Engines redefine performance

Redefine what you expect from a processor. Built-in acceleration is an alternative, more efficient way to achieve higher performance than growing the CPU core count.

With built-in accelerators and software optimizations, previous-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors have been shown to deliver leading performance per watt on targeted real-world workloads.1 This can result in more efficient CPU utilization, lower electricity consumption, and higher return on investment (ROI), while helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.


Get more AI done on your CPU with enhanced compute capabilities and built-in AI accelerator engines.

Infrastructure & Storage

Speed data throughput while requiring fewer cores for storage workloads.

Database & Analytics

Accelerate your data analytics pipeline to handle more transactions and improve data services for more-informed decision-making.


Accelerate services delivery and support more users, more transactions, and more data on Intel-enabled networks.


Help researchers work fast to refine predictions and models and perform large-scale calculations.


Speed up network and workload encryption with more isolation and more confidentiality.

5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processor Platform Highlights

These platform technologies provide advances in the memory, I/O subsystems, and lower TCO.

PCI Express Gen5 (PCIe 5.0)

Unlock new I/O speeds with opportunities to enable the highest possible throughput between the CPU and devices. 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors have up to 80 lanes of PCIe 5.0—ideal for fast networking, high-bandwidth accelerators, and high-performance storage devices.


Improve compute performance by overcoming data bottlenecks with higher memory bandwidth. DDR5 offers up to 66 percent bandwidth improvement over DDR4, enabling opportunities to improve performance, capacity, power efficiency, and cost, with impressive speeds up to 5600MHz.

Compute Express Link (CXL 1.1)

Reduce compute latency in the data center and lower TCO with CXL Types 1, 2, and 3 for next-generation workloads. CXL is an alternate protocol that runs across the standard PCIe physical layer and can support both standard PCIe devices as well as CXL devices on the same link.

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Decades of successful HPC deployments across multiple industries.

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As a leading HPC provider, Aspen Systems offers a standardized build and package selection that follows HPC best practices. However, unlike some other HPC vendors, we also provide you the opportunity to customize your cluster hardware and software with options and capabilities tuned to your specific needs and your environment. This is a more complex process than simply providing you a “canned” cluster, which might or might not best fit your needs. Many customers value us for our flexibility and engineering expertise, coming back again and again for upgrades to existing clusters or new clusters which mirror their current optimized solutions. Other customers value our standard cluster configuration to serve their HPC computing needs and purchase that option from us repeatedly. Call an Aspen Systems sales engineer today if you wish to procure a custom-built cluster built to your specifications.

Solutions Ready To Go

Aspen Systems typically ships clusters to our customers as complete turn-key solutions, including full remote testing by you before the cluster is shipped. All a customer will need to do is unpack the racks, roll them into place, connect power and networking, and begin computing. Of course, our involvement doesn’t end when the system is delivered.

True Expertise

With decades of experience in the high-performance computing industry, Aspen Systems is uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled systems, infrastructure, and management support tailored to your unique needs. Built to the highest quality, customized to your needs, and fully integrated, our clusters provide many years of trouble-free computing for customers all over the world. We can handle all aspects of your HPC needs, including facility design or upgrades, supplemental cooling, power management, remote access solutions, software optimization, and many additional managed services.

Passionate Support, People Who Care

Aspen Systems offers industry-leading support options. Our Standard Service Package is free of charge to every customer. We offer additional support packages, such as our future-proofing Flex Service or our fully managed Total Service package, along with many additional Add-on services! With our On-site services, we can come to you to fully integrate your new cluster into your existing infrastructure or perform other upgrades and changes you require. We also offer standard and custom Training packages for your administrators and your end-users or even informal customized, one-on-one assistance.

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Aspen Products Featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

Understanding Processor SKU Numbers

Processor numbers for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors use an alphanumeric scheme based on performance, features, and processor generation following the brand and its modifier. The first digit in the four-number sequence indicated the performance and feature level, the second indicated the processor generation, and the next two are SKU numbers. Where applicable, either one or two alpha suffixes appear at the end of the processor name, which indicate integrations and optimizations and memory capacity.

Component Upgrade Table

Looking to upgrade? Select your current processor from the list below to compare them to current-generation models.

Generation: SKU: -OR- # Cores Speed (GHz) RESET
Base Freq.

*The estimated results are provided for informational use only. Only your workloads in a real world performance test can provide accurate results. Many other factors may influence your application including but not limited to, memory, HDD, SSD, operating system, BIOS setting, software configuration. All information here is subject to change without notice. *TDP=Thermal Design Power
*The estimated results are provided for informational use only. Only your workloads in a real world performance test can provide accurate results. Many other factors may influence your application including but not limited to, memory, HDD, SSD, operating system, BIOS setting, software configuration. All information here is subject to change without notice.
*Processors with an “R” at the end of the SKU denote “Refresh” processors.
*TDP=Thermal Design Power
*RCP=Retail Consumer Price

Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processors

Advanced 2, 4 & 8 socket performance, designed for the most demanding workloads & services from the edge to cloud.

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Intel® Xeon® Gold Processors

Up to 4 socket scalable performance, advanced reliability, and advanced security solutions.

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Intel® Xeon® Silver Processors

Performance and power efficiency for entry compute, network and storage.

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intel xeon platinum

Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8500 processors are the foundation for security-enabled, agile, and hybrid cloud data centers. They are designed for advanced data analytics, AI, high-density infrastructure, and multi-cloud workloads. These processors deliver high performance levels, platform capabilities, and industry-leading workload acceleration. They offer enhanced hardware-based security and exceptional multi-socket processing performance—up to 8-socket processors on select Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8500 processors.

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intel xeon gold

With up to four-socket scalability,11 Intel® Xeon® Gold 6500 and Intel® Xeon® Gold 5500 processors are optimized for demanding mainstream data center, multi-cloud computing, and network and storage workloads. With support for higher memory speeds and enhanced memory capacity, these processors deliver improved performance, enhanced memory capabilities, hardware-enhanced security, and workload acceleration.


intel xeon silver

Intel® Xeon® Silver 4500 processors deliver essential performance, improved memory speed, and power efficiency. They offer the hardware-enhanced performance required for entry-level data center computing, network, and storage.

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