AMD Instinct GPUs

AMD Instinct GPU’S

Leadership Performance at Any Scale

AMD Instinct accelerators enable leadership performance for the data center, at any scale—from single-server solutions up to the world’s largest, Exascale-class supercomputers.

They are uniquely well-suited to power even the most demanding AI and HPC workloads, offering exceptional compute performance, large memory density, high bandwidth memory, and support for specialized data formats.

AMD Instinct MI300X Accelerator

Leadership Generative AI Accelerators and Data Center APUs

The AMD Instinct MI300X discrete GPU is based on next-generation AMD CDNA 3 architecture, delivering leadership efficiency and performance for the most demanding AI and HPC applications. It is designed with 304 high-throughput compute units, AI-specific functions including new data-type support, photo and video decoding, plus an unprecedented 192 GB of HBM3 memory on a GPU accelerator. Using state-of-the-art die stacking and chiplet technology in a multi-chip package propels generative AI, machine learning, and inferencing, while extending AMD leadership in HPC acceleration. The MI300X offers outstanding performance to our prior generation that is already powering the fastest exabyte-class supercomputer1, offering 13.7x the peak AI/ML workload performance using FP8 with sparsity compared to prior AMD MI250X* accelerators using FP16 and a 3.4x peak advantage for HPC workloads on FP32 calculations.

AMD CDNA Architecture

AMD Instinct accelerators are built on AMD CDNA architecture, which offers Matrix Core Technologies and support for a broad range of precision capabilities—from the highly efficient INT8 and FP8 (including sparsity support for AI with AMD CDNA 3), to the most demanding FP64 for HPC.

amd cdna3 architecture

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AMD Instinct GPU Features

amd matrix core technology

Advancing HPC & AI Workloads with ALL-New Matrix Core Technology

AMD Instinct accelerators based on the latest AMD CDNA 2 architecture are designed with Matrix Core Technology offering up to 880 Matrix Cores in MI250X OAM accelerators and support a broad range of precision capabilities from the highly efficient INT4 for AI to the most demanding HPC applications with our new FP64 Matrix Core technology.

amd multi-die gpu

Maximize Throughput and Efficiency with First Multi-Die GPU

AMD Instinct accelerators are the industry’s first accelerators engineered as a multi-chip GPU package with a state-of-the-art fabric designed with 3rd Gen AMD Infinity Fabric technology to enable massive data throughput intelligently at ultra-high speeds for HPC and AI.

amd unified intelligence

Experience Unified Intelligence

AMD Instinct accelerators are pushing the boundaries of computing by unifying the CPU and the GPU accelerator. 3rd Gen AMD Infinity Fabric technology adds direct CPU to GPU connectivity and enables cache coherency when deploying the MI250X accelerator and optimized 3rd Gen AMD EPYC CPUs, allowing a quick and simple on-ramp for CPU codes to tap the power of accelerators.


AMD CDNA Architecture

AMD CDNA architecture redefines computing for the modern era. Engineered from the ground up with compute cores designed for the Exascale era, AMD CDNA architecture delivers nearly 1.7x higher FP64 performance within the same power budget compared to previous generation AMD accelerators.

AMD ROCm – Open, Flexible and Portable

When it comes to solving the world’s most profound challenges, scientists and researchers need the most powerful and accessible tools at their fingertips. With the ROCm open software platform built for flexibility and performance, the machine learning and HPC communities can now gain access to an array of different open compute languages, compilers, libraries and tools designed from the ground up to meet their most demanding needs- helping to accelerate code development and solve the toughest challenges in the world today.

AMD Infinity Architecture

AMD Infinity Architecture, introduced with the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC Processors, empowers system builders and cloud architects alike to unleash the very latest in server performance without sacrificing power, manageability, or the ability to help secure their organization’s most important assets, its data.

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