Manufacturing Excellence

Aspen Systems takes pride in our manufacturing, system testing, and support capabilities. No system goes out the door without enduring extensive burn-in testing to ensure every single component is functioning at its peak performance. We take the stress off our clients and keep downtime to a minimum by assembling world-class, quality systems, giving all Aspen Systems’ end-users the peace of mind they need to do their job.

Dedication to Manufacturing Excellence

Aspen Systems has been an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, using our own, certified quality management system (QMS), which was implemented in 2011 and is audited annually to exceed industry standards. These well-defined procedures improve the consistency of our products and give us the ability us to measure our quality controls, allowing us to make improvements wherever necessary. These processes ensure our clients the best and most reliable products.

Along with being ISO 9001:2015 certified, Aspen Systems’ manufacturing facility is ESD S20.20 certified, which is the quality management standard for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). ESD is the common occurrence of a momentary electrical shock discharged to from one object to another at an unequal charge, releasing a spark. ESD controls help eliminate these sparks, which are known to cause hardware component damage and failure. Aspen Systems’ facility is audited annually to ensure that our manufacturing environment meets and surpasses ESD control standards.

We have one of the best manufacturing processes in the HPC marketplace, and the quality of our system reflects that. But our involvement in your company doesn’t end when your products leave our facility! Aspen Systems also offers industry leading support.

How We Drive Our Manufacturing Excellence

Aspen Systems' Manufacturing Excellence Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance: Aspen Systems is dedicated to quality. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and we are audited every year to ensure consistent excellence. Regardless of size or complexity, every order is put through the same tests and subject to the same analysis. In addition, our manufacturing facility is also ESD 20:20 certified, which helps to eliminate failures to hardware caused by electrostatic discharge. These certifications, combined with our enthusiasm for perfection, ensure that every order Aspen Systems receives is completed well above world class standards.

Aspen Systems' Statement of Work

Statement of Work: Aspen Systems provides all of our customers with an online SOW (Statement of Work) that is second to none. This interactive resource allows you to fully customize every piece of your individualized system build. From software to hardware, this is the tool that allows you to tell our engineers exactly what you need. You can retrieve your SOW at any time for reference and review as often as needed. Whether you’re building a Top 500 supercomputer, petabytes of storage, or you have the most complex software or security requirements, Aspen Systems’ clients can rest assured that your products will be built to your exact specifications.

Aspen Systems' Industry-Leading Components

Industry-Leading Components: Aspen Systems has the industry experience and knowledge of the manufacturers that influence our marketplace. The technicians at Aspen Systems evaluate the quality and state of each component before assembling them together, and our engineers run a series of tests to stress every component once the system is built to verify the end product meets our top-tier standards. Aspen Systems’ knowledge of the market and our processes and procedures combined yield a 100% up-time for mission critical systems – every time.

Aspen Systems' Statement of Work

Customized Shipping Materials: Packaging is often overlooked and underrated, but it is a crucial step in the delivery process of a perfect system. Aspen Systems has paired with FedEx packaging engineers to design and improve the methodology behind the perfect shipment. We have customized pallets for rack systems, which make it so they are completely ready to run as soon as they are rolled off the delivery truck. Servers are instantly online and functional, specific to your Statement of Work (SOW). Whether it’s a single server or several racks, Aspen Systems ensures your build will be fully intact and ready to be deployed as soon as your product arrives.

Industry Leading Testing

All systems are subjected to an extensive burn-in process using the Aspen Integrated Manufacturing Environment (AIME) to ensure that all components meet our high quality control standards. AIME makes sure your nodes are assembled and operating correctly by performing a defined set of in-depth automated and stand-alone tests under the most stressful conditions found in high performance computing, making sure to put pressure on each and every individual component in your system. All systems must pass every AIME test before moving to the next stage of manufacturing.

AIME tests Monitor

Once AIME tests have been successfully completed, quality assurance personnel use the AIME Bill of Materials function to perform a final comparison of the manufactured system against the scope of work generated from your quote, ensuring that your system is built as originally planned. If all is correct, the quality assurance engineer will approve the node, releasing your system to software installation (if required), and then rack assembly or shipping teams, as indicated by the build type.