On-Site Services

On-Site Services Through Aspen Systems

If you need an engineer on-site that knows your cluster, Aspen Systems can help. Do you need help installing and getting your cluster up and running at your site, moving and installing the racks, connecting and verifying site power or the external network connection, or integrating your cluster into your local user authentication schema? We can help you do all that and more with our many on-site services.

At Aspen Systems, we assign the engineers who built your cluster or who are most familiar with your requirements to the on-site visit whenever possible. This ensures continuity from inception to implementation for new cluster installations and helps to ensure that the engineer you get on-site knows your applications and has worked with you and any other customer personnel that have been involved in the cluster purchase.

On-Site Services from Aspen Systems

For HPC cluster upgrades, having the engineer who performed your upgrades on-site with you to do any last minute changes or “dial in” the upgraded cluster so that it can quickly be brought back into service can be invaluable. Your new or upgraded cluster is a huge investment, you need it to work quickly and well. Direct technical interaction between the Aspen Systems engineer and your administrators or end users is often the most effective way to quickly get exactly the configuration that your end users need.

Do your end users need some one-on-one help compiling their codes and getting their applications running on the new or upgraded cluster? Aspen Systems can help. Sometimes a friendly helping hand that can quickly explain your system configuration and help your users run their codes for the first time is the quickest and most effective way to integrate your new resource.

Would your HPC administrators enjoy some time with the engineer who built their cluster to review administrative procedures, or help them with that one site specific requirement or build that wasn’t possible to do until the cluster arrived at your location? Our experienced engineers can help.

Perhaps you need a more formal training environment for a larger number of end users, or for your administrators? Aspen Systems can provide an on-site trainer to conduct one of our formal training sessions for either users or administrators. We can even provide custom training if you need it.

How are On-Site Visits Structured?

Often on-site visits have more than one goal. Perhaps new cluster installation as well as one on one training sessions are required, or perhaps you need help with a new software installation and a formal training class on its configuration and use. Our on-site services visits are defined by our Statement of Work prior to the on-site which helps us understand your goals in advance and gives us the ability to assign the proper engineers to your on-site visit.

Our on-site services include, but are not limited to: