Ceph Storage Clusters

In places where traditional storage systems fail, Ceph is designed to excel. With scalable, intelligent, reliable and highly available storage software, you can make better business decisions and achieve operational excellence. Ceph integrates object, block, and file storage into one unified system.

The adaptability of Ceph enables your cluster to support all your application and data storage requirements, regardless of whether your solution is on-premises, in the public or private cloud, or a container-based solution.

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Ceph scales rapidly without the typical downtime that other solutions require. CRUSH, an advanced algorithm in Ceph, overcomes all scalability challenges, leading the way to truly flexible, incredibly resilient storage at scale. Don’t rely on expensive, vendor-specific hardware or lock-in contracts. Break free from legacy constraints. Scale your storage clusters exponentially as your business grows. The Ceph platform is the ideal solution for managing rapid and unexpected data growth in the enterprise, academic institutions, and more.


Providing storage systems with robust management and reliability is imperative for data security. Ceph provides peace of mind. Self-managing and self-healing, Ceph identifies and fixes issues before you are even aware of them. Monitoring and managing your storage cluster, including all interconnected systems, are coordinated by the Ceph Monitor daemon and the Ceph Manager daemon. By reducing risk of single points of failure, performance bottlenecks, and scalability limits, CRUSH creates a scalable, reliable storage solution that is suitable for the growing enterprise market.


Ceph’s configuration and deployment can be customized to your needs without compromising performance. Utilize Ceph with your existing storage setup, or build a new cluster using widely available commodity hardware to achieve industry-leading reliability and scalability with no need for expensive, proprietary technology. Ceph’s high performance and scalability make it an excellent alternative to traditional storage systems, which suffer from latency, complex redundancy processes, and physical infrastructure that is inflexible and inflexible.


The RADOS-based Ceph Stack

Ceph can be adapted to fit whatever delivery framework you need. Ceph offers a flexible, scalable, reliable, and intelligently distributed solution for data storage, built on the unifying foundation of RADOS (Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store). Ceph can easily distribute data across a cluster by manipulating all storage as objects within RADOS, even for block and file storage types.

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The Ceph storage platform works with all types of data, combining objects, blocks, and files into a single RADOS cluster. Ceph offers a simplified, flexible solution for enterprises with multiple storage requirements.

Multi-source data can be turned into a powerful tool for AI, machine learning, and gaining valuable insights for business decisions with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Ceph is reinventing data architecture and modernizing effective data storage by using open-source software and algorithms (CRUSH).

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Object storage

Achieve platform and hardware independence, with seamless access to object storage. Ceph’s comprehensive object storage is compatible with popular interfaces, including Amazon S3.

Block storage

Access block device images through Ceph’s thinly provisioned RADOS Block Device (RBD), with capabilities including snapshotting, replication and striping for maximised availability.

File system

Ceph’s traditional file system interface (CephFS) with POSIX compliance allows for detailed metadata, dynamic rebalancing and high performance, all within the same scalable system as your object and block storage.