HPC Applications

HPC Applications

HPC Applications are specifically designed to take advantage of the parallel nature of high-performance computational computing systems. Algorithmically designed to take advantage of high-performance architecture, these applications can be run on your compute cluster with only minor customization. Some of these software packages will benefit from custom compilation, but most are commercial releases and don’t allow their source code to be distributed.

Aspen Systems can install your choice of applications onto your cluster before it ships. We will install, configure and performance tune your applications so that you can rest assured that you are getting every last bit of performance from your cluster. Many factors affect how your specific applications will perform such as your choice of interconnect and processor architecture. Your Aspen Systems sales engineer can help you to discover the optimal choices for your solution.

The applications described here are only a small sampling of the most popular HPC applications available, representing a subset of the software that has been developed for High Performance Clusters. If you would like a software package not included on this list to be deployed onto your cluster, Aspen Systems can help. No matter how obscure your software, we have probably installed it onto many clusters. To determine if Aspen Systems can pre-install, configure and performance optimize your specific application, speak with your Aspen Systems sales engineer today!

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