AMD FirePro

Professional GPUs for Servers

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AMD FirePro puts monstrous compute power at your fingertips. AMD professional server GPUs for GPU servers and GPU clusters, can fly through vast amounts of data, crunching complex mathematical calculations at mind-bending speeds. AMD STREAM technology powers the ecosystem that enables FirePro graphics cards to be efficient and tackle compute-intensive workloads, leveraging the massively parallel processing power of the GPU to accelerate many applications.​

AMD FirePro S9300 x2 Server GPU Computing

S9300 x2 Server GPU

Accelerate your most complex HPC workloads in data an​alytics or seismic processing on the world’s fastest single-precision compute GPU accelerator.

AMD FirePro S9170 Server GPU Computing

S9170 Server GPU

Accelerate your most complex workloads in scientific computing, data analytics, or seismic processing, and witness the power of the world’s first 32GB server GPU.

AMD FirePro S9150 Server GPU Computing

S9150 Server GPU

AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture is the world’s first 28nm GPU architecture, GCN is designed for high utilization and high throughput.

AMD STREAM Technology

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AMD STREAM Technology powers the ecosystem that enables FirePro graphics cards to be used for compute-intensive workflows leveraging the massively parallel processing power of AMD GPUs and accelerate many applications beyond just graphics.

AMD STREAM Technology includes hardware and software optimizations designed for high-performance compute workflows and compute-intensive applications using OpenCL, the open and cross-platform programming standard used for general-purpose computations. These features include Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory support, fast floating-point operations and direct memory access that enables low-latency data exchanges between multiple GPUs. When combined with GPU-optimized libraries and third-party middleware, AMD STREAM technology unlocks the computational performance of the FirePro graphics cards.

AMD Stream Technology

x86 Open64 Compiler Suite

The x86 Open64 compiler system is a high performance, production quality code generation tool designed for high performance parallel computing workloads. The x86 Open64 environment provides the developer the essential choices when building and optimizing C, C++, and Fortran applications targeting 32-bit and 64-bit Linux platforms. The x86 Open64 compiler system offers a high level of advanced optimizations, multi-threading, and processor support that includes global optimization, vectorization, interprocedural analysis,

feedback directed optimizations, loop transformations, and code generation which extracts the optimal performance from each x86 processor core. The x86 Open64 Compiler Suite simplifies and accelerates development and tuning for x86, AMD64 (AMD x86-64 Architecture), and Intel64 (Intel x86-64 Architecture) applications. The x86 Open64 compilers create a strong foundation for building robust, high performance parallel code through MPI, OpenMP, and auto-parallelization along with highly optimized libraries.