The Art of High Performance Scale-Out Storage

The ClusterStor family architecture is built on 25 years of enterprise-class storage design combined with Lustre or IBM Spectrum Scale allowing customers to choose a parallel file solution that best fits their workflows. Either file system provides superior performance with industry leading efficiency and scalability. The ClusterStor family includes: ClusterStor L300, ClusterStor G200, ClusterStor A200, ClusterStor 9000, ClusterStor 6000, ClusterStor 1500, ClusterStor SL200 and Hadoop Workflow Accelerator.

Best ROI Acceleration, Performance and Value

ClusterStor 1500 solutions feature scale-out storage building blocks, the Lustre parallel filesystem and a comprehensive management platform that eliminates the guesswork usually associated with building and optimizing your own HPC storage solution.

ClusterStor 1500 delivers a new standard in affordable file system performance, scalability and efficiency. Features include:

  • Departmental leading performance up to 110GB/s and raw capacity up to 7.3 PB, powered by Lustre the industry’s most flexible high performance open source parallel file system
  • Deployment in hours, not weeks. When on site, the systems require only physical installation and simple setup steps, allowing users to be productive and realize the value from their investment immediately
  • Compact footprint architected with state-of-the-art modular efficiency and optimization, reducing hardware complexity while increasing reliability, availability and serviceability
  • ClusterStor Manager, a comprehensive system management application that consolidates management of the entire storage infrastructure, RAID data protection layer, operating system and Lustre into a single-pane-of-glass, easy-to-use, administrator interface
  • Proactive and comprehensive storage solution support to assist customer setup and install and maximize investment protection

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ClusterStor 1500

The better the information, the better our lives. These High Performance Computing (HPC) systems drive the world’s most data intensive applications improving the use of information that helps us all.

ClusterStor Professional Services

Maximize Application Performance with CPS

In today’s emerging technology markets — such as HPC and Big Data — Aspen Systems believes professional services plays a key fundamental and distinguishing role to ensure your end user experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

This highly trained ClusterStor Professional Services (CPS) team ensures efficient, skillful and knowledgeable delivery on each phase of your adoption and use of ClusterStor scale-out data storage solutions. CPS enables rapid capture, execution and tailoring of advanced system parameters optimally matched with your unique system environment and application characteristics.

ClusterStor Manager

ClusterStor Manager (CSM) is a comprehensive system management application that brings to life powerful, intuitive, context-aware, real-time monitoring and proactive management designed into an easy-to-use interface. Every ClusterStor system includes CSM which allows:

  • Consolidating detailed health monitoring and error reporting
  • Monitoring your system at unprecedented levels of visibility while decreasing the administrative management burden
  • Enables seamless integration with other datacenter management tools
  • Reducing complexity and service costs associated with small to very large environments

ClusterStor Manager Dashboard