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With over 15 years of experience in High Performance Computing (HPC) storage, DDN is selling, installing and supporting more Lustre than any other storage vendor and is the number one reseller of Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre (IEEL). The DataDirect Networks ES7K has extended Lustre accessibility to entry-level and mid-range data intensive scale out environments, enabling a scale as you grow architecture. As the fastest and densest Lustre appliance on the market, the compact, fully supported ES7K appliance is ideal for those who need to accelerate workflows to achieve results faster while lowering risk and reducing facilities and administration costs.

DataDirect Networks ES7K for Lustre Parallel File Systems

As with all of the DDN EXAScaler parallel file system appliances, the ES7K offers unique DDN-only Lustre features with support for IEEL. Simple to install, configure and manage, the ES7K scales out to deliver massive storage performance density at scale with a broad feature set and the flexibility of open source. The ES7K is also the only Lustre appliance that automatically tiers data among high performance storage, archive, and cloud to deliver a complete and comprehensive end-to-end data management solution. The ES7K is the perfect system for moving your most demanding applications to a parallel file system infrastructure.

DataDirect Networks ES7K

DataDirect Networks ES7K Features

Unified Data Across Every Tier

  • High availability and reliability with no single point failure
  • Open source and fully supported parallel file system appliance
  • Start small and scale non-disruptively by adding ES7K systems as building blocks
  • Arrives at your door as a fully configured appliance, simplifying setup and deployment
  • Maximizes ROI by delivering highest performance and density per U for data intensive environments
  • Simplify management across cloud, and enable multisite collaboration
  • CAPEX/OPEX and performance at scale
  • DDN Exclusive performance and management capabilities that deliver unrivaled Lustre storage solution
  • Risk-free, tried, tested and proven open source Lustre based solution

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