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Results Driven Parallel Data Solutions

For 20 years, DDN has designed, developed, deployed and optimized systems, software and storage solutions. Their systems enable enterprises, service providers, universities and government agencies to generate more value and lower times for analyzing data, on premise and in the cloud. DDN has gained the reputation for having the highest quality and most versatile storage solutions in the world allowing them to be the primary storage provider for over 60% of the worlds top 100 systems. Aspen Systems has the expertise needed to properly leverage their systems to provide you with the best possible storage systems making sure that your data is being stored as efficiently as possible.

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Your Data Matters

Managing data poorly will have disastrous consequences leading to higher costs, large loss in productivity, and potential loss of data. We are familiar with how data needs to be moved and stored in order to give you the most scalable and effective solutions on the market. Our engineers will always take great care to design your storage solutions with the best hardware and software stack by only using the highest quality technologies to manage your data properly. Aspen Systems has the expertise to meet your solution needs in the simplest and most cost effective way.

All-Flash Cache

IME delivers on game-changing latency reduction, bandwidth and unmatched IOPS. With this all flash cache solution you can reduce uncertainty and randomness while also achieving significant speed increase in data flow. Aspen Systems can integrate this powerful software solution into your current hardware allowing you to re-purpose your architecture, or you can have a fully integrated solution in their IME240 system. We are able to help you find the best option for your storage needs.

Block Storage

DDN Storage Fusion Architecture® (SFA®) appliances are purpose-built to deliver scalable flash performance and capacity to flexibly meet your changing business demands. This powerful block storage solution will give you the power and capacity you need to reduce your datacenter foot print without sacrificing performance. These systems that leverage NVMe, SSD and intelligent disk tiering are ideal to reduce complexity in your storage while also keeping costs low. Aspen Systems sales engineers can help you design the perfect block storage solution to accomplish any data task.

Parallel Lustre File Storage

Scaler file storage offers best-in-class analytics, parallel file system and NAS for the most data-intensive and performance-demanding environments. The EXAScaler® Parallel File Storage System itegrates the Lustre® File System allowing you to scale better and increase the performance in your storage systems. DDN also offers the GRIDScaler® storage systems allowing you offering you unsurpassed data protection while also providing ease of access through NFS or CIFS. We can use our expertise in parallel file storage to utilize these systems to meet your stringent storage needs.

AI Storage

If you are in need of a dedicated solution for AI storage then DDN A³I is just what you are looking for. This solution is fully optimized to accelerate AI applications to bring about the highest productivity for the lowest cost. These simple to use systems are perfect, giving you the performance you are looking for and increase scalability for your clusters. Our expert engineers know exactly how to utilize this perfect solution in conjunction with your GPU accelerated systems to build out the best AI cluster for you.

Object Storage

WOS is a proven platform for having the most scalable object-based storage. This technology delivers on Ultra-low TCO to further reduce costs that would occur from administering and managing file and block storage systems. This is perfect for having a secure and dispersed solution that brings about large cost savings to your data centers. Let Aspen Systems build out the object storage solution that will ensure low costs and powerful data storage for your Advanced Computing needs.

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EXAScaler Advanced Lustre Data Solutions

DDN EXAScaler Lustre Storage

As with anything in Advanced Computing, scientists and engineers are trying to solve complex problems faster. EXA5 is the standard when it comes to intense workloads in the HPC industry. It is utilizing Lustre a scalable shared parallel architecture that will give you the fastest data delivery ensuring you will have the quickest solutions to your most difficult problems.

DDN Lustre EXA5

EXA5 is fully-optimized to deliver data with high-throughput, low-latency and massive concurrency. This is done using a shared parallel architecture that can scale flexibly in order to give you the best technical and monitary benefits. EXA5 delivers unparalleled performance, capability and flexibility for users looking to manage and gain insights from massive amounts of data. DDN has delivered exceptional results for over 12 years when it comes to designing the highest standards parallel file systems in the industry which is why Aspen Systems has partnered with them to bring you unique solutions with exceptional quality.

GRIDScaler Massively Scalable Parallel File Systems

DDN GRIDScaler Parallel File Storage

Aspen Systems understands your need to have a simple to use system with powerful features. DDN GRIDScaler technology provides flexible choices for Enterprise-grade data protection, availability features, and the performance of a parallel file system. GRIDScaler offers ease of access through traditional NFS or CIFS as well as the option for high performance client access through the PFS client.

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GRIDScaler Parallel File Rack

The modern data center requires next generation NAS solutions to keep pace and efficiently deliver high speed data ingest and processing. DDN GRIDScaler appliances scale up or out, leveraging SSD-accelerated, hyper-converged, parallel architectures to deliver high performance. With this flexible architecture you will be able to take advantage of new technologies and frameworks to adapt your systems fulfilling your rigorous HPC needs.