Ruler Storage

EDSFF and NGSFF Ruler Storage

The next generation form factors bringing you superior storage density while reducing costs.

Gone are the days for the standard 3.5″ and 2.5″ storage devices. The future is here thanks to the continued development of flash storage. Today we have new form factor drives being developed, allowing data centers to have more storage per unit of rack space, while also reducing cooling costs you would incur from having standard form factor drives in your systems. These ground breaking EDSFF and NGSFF storage drives are an advancement on the M.2 form factor flash drives currently being used today in many systems.

There are a few major differences between M.2 and these new “ruler” drives though that make them superior. One being that they are larger and are able to take NAND storage blocks on both sides of the card leading to greater capacity. They are also able to be hot-swapable giving you the ability to easily and efficiently change drives due to failure or to increase capacity on the fly. Due to their design these drives are also 2X to 3X more cooling efficient than the standard 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive lowering cooling costs dramatically in your data center. We know that you are looking for a faster, larger capacity, and cooler storage solution which is why we are are excited to bring you these ground breaking solutions.

EDSFF Driving Innovation


EDSFF, which is short term for (Enterprise & Datacenter SSD Form Factor), is a new type of drive form factor that is extremely versatile in its uses. These drives have three primary objectives that they are trying to accomplish with storage which are to enable scale, optimize total cost of ownership, and enable a dynamic range of solutions. The design for the drives is to fit vertically in a 1U space and expand their board down into the chassis allowing for a multitude of solutions to be developed. This allows for 32 drives to be placed in a single 1U space allowing for just under 1PB of storage currently, allowing for larger scale within a smaller space. Finally, due to the design of these drives and the back plane needed to support them, systems using Ruler drives will have much better airflow to the back of the chassis reducing cooling costs dramatically.

Ruler SSD

Currently Intel has two different EDSFF physical sizes of drives. The E1.L (12″ Ruler SSD) which is a longer “ruler” designed drive allowing for large flash storage in chassis. The other is the E1.S (6″ Ruler SSD), which is designed around cost efficiency, is a smaller drive with lower storage capacity, but allows for greater airflow to the back of the chassis reducing cooling costs. These storage drives are carrierless which will allow for quicker repairs to failed drives and also much faster scaling when needed. Aspen Systems is a leader in the future of storage technologies. We can utilize these new Ruler drives to dynamically scale your storage systems while also saving you money on TCO. We know you are needing more storage with a smaller footprint in your data centers, which is why you should trust our expert engineers to design your storage solutions to bring you more capacity at a lower cost.

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The Next Generation of storage


Samsung has also developed a new type of drive that is loosely based on M.2 technologies called NGSFF (Next Generation Small Form Factor). These all flash storage devices are a little bit larger than M.2 drives giving the ability to hold two rows of NAND flash chips on a single side of the board. Due to this storage is increased exponentially allowing for up to 72 drives in a 2U system. The one big difference NGSFF drives and EDSFF drives though is that they are not carrierless in that you can put them into hot-swap drive carriers or if all drive bays are filled they will be able to be placed in PCIe adapter cards allowing you for further expansion of your storage system. NGSFF drives also allow for much better cooling within a system bringing about 3X the cooling efficiency comparatively to standard drives which will save you and your company in upkeep costs due to cooling within your data center. Cooling and capacity are not the only benefits of these ground breaking drives, you will also get huge increases in throughput of data giving you about 20GB/s and 10 million IOPS transfer which is impressive by any measure. Speak with the Aspen Systems sales team to drive your data management into the future. We have the experience in storage needed to properly leverage this new technology to give you the best possible solution at the lowest possible price solving your most complex problems as efficiently as possible.

EDSFF vs NGSFF specs

EDSFF and NGSFF specification comparison

E1.L Drive

NF1 Drive Angled


(Enterprise & Datacenter SSD Form Factor) from Intel


(Next Generation Small Form Factor) from Samsung

Capacity Up to 1PB in 1U system Up to 576TB in 1U system
Size(s) E1.L (H: 1.5″ x D: 12.6″ x W: 0.7″)
E1.S (H: 1.25″ x D: 4.4″ x W: 0.3″)
NF1 (H: 1.2″ x D: 4.3″ x W: 0.2″)
PCIe Version E1.L: PCIe Gen 3.1 x8
E1.S: PCIe Gen 3.1 x4
NF1: PCIe Gen 3 x4
Mounting Carrier-less design Hot-Swap Drive carrier
PCIe Adapter cards
Status LEDs Built into drives Dependent on chassis
Seqential Read 3200 MB/s 3100 MB/s
Seqential Write 1900 MB/s 2200 MB/s
Random Read 640k IOPS 500k IOPS
Random Write 65K IOPS 70k IOPS

The Compact Storage Advantage

If your storage is costing you in performance, cooling or space it may be time for an upgrade. We know you are looking for fast storage that has low upkeep cost and that also has a smaller footprint in your data center. Aspen Systems can leverage these new high capacity storage devices to build out the best possible solution to fit your needs. Our expert engineers can help you utilize these revolutionary Ruler SSDs and their systems to build out an optimized solution that will exceed your expectations in storage.

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