Server Form Factors

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Providing industry-leading performance, energy efficiency, scalability, value and support, Aspen Systems has the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Server purchases are a compromise between your required power and features, and your budget yet we will have the solution that meets all of these requirements. All of our servers come in standard 19” wide chassis. Our most common servers come in 1U-4U sizes. 1U servers are powerful, economical and versatile. While they aren’t always suitable for compute-hungry database applications, they are great for everyday business operations. Looking for more computing power to improve virtualization performance? Turn to 2U, 3U and 4U servers for increased memory support and expansion capabilities. These servers will mount in most racks, though if you want to verify that our servers will fit in your rack, please contact us and we will find the perfect solution for you. If you are in need of new infrastructure, we also sell a variety of racks from APC, power solutions from Tripplite, Cooling, and more!

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Server Form Factors 1U Servers

1U Servers

Minimal Size and Energy Efficiency.
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Server Form Factors 2U Servers

2U Servers

Includes Some of Our Most Popular Systems.
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Server Form Factors 3U Servers

3U Servers

Capable of Holding Large Amounts of Data.
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Server Form Factors 4U Servers

4U Servers

Includes the Most Abundant Amount of Options.
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