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We are the AI and HPC EXPERTS

The future of computing is the intersection of high-precision classical computing, neural-based processing and AI, and qubit-based quantum computing. Aspen Systems Inc. is your strategic partner for getting there.

For over 40 years, we have provided High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to governments, intelligence agencies, corporations, and universities worldwide. We architect, build, and service custom hardware and software for demanding HPC requirements. Our turn-key solutions include:

At Aspen Systems, we work with you to build a cost-effective, long-term solution to ensure your future experience is as trouble-free as possible. Your sales engineer will ensure ease of maintenance, a low total cost of ownership, and the best price/performance balance for your needs.

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The Future of HPC Is Liquid Cooled

Discover Liquid Cooling

Here at the dawn of Exascale, HPC components are running hotter than ever, increasing energy requirements across the board to match the demand for ever-greater performance and density.

Today, liquid cooling technologies are more robust than ever before, providing incredible efficiency, serviceability, and temperature control at scales and price points that most data centers can’t afford to ignore anymore. You no longer need to build a completely new data center to experience the benefits of liquid cooling – new developments in cold plate and in-rack CDU technologies have made liquid cooling more accessible than it has ever been.

Our Services

High Performance Computing Professional Services

Cluster Upgrades

Aspen Systems excels in High Performance Computing cluster upgrades. Sales engineers will work with you to determine your expanded requirements. From complete software stack rebuilds to adding applications, expanding networks, reconfiguring the master and IO nodes, to remote or on-site support, we are your partner for the longevity of your system.

Managed Services

System administration can be challenging, and that’s where partnering with us can help. We offer a full suite of managed services to match the needs of your administration workloads. Our highly-trained engineering team will help you augment and manage your systems whenever and wherever you need us.

Advanced HPC Training

When it comes to HPC computing, there’s always something to be learned. We are part of the fabric of knowledge in the High-Performance Computing community and consistently share and refine learnings and best practices with our clients. We offer training in a formal classroom setting, individual mentoring, or provide a complete system review; the choice is yours.

Professional On-Site Service

Our engineering team is here for you when you need an engineer on-site to install and configure your HPC cluster or systems. We’ve been to hundreds of data centers and have the experience required to complete on-site service on time, on schedule, on budget, and with perfect execution.