Rack Enclosures

Rack Enclosures for HPC Data Centers

For rack enclosures, Aspen Systems mostly uses racks from APC. The NetShelter line of racks (shown below) is one of the most widely used racks in the HPC space and we also use specially designed pallets for shipping the racks, fully racked and cabled. Should our customers prefer other racks, our Engineers have experience using other racks as well including those from Raritan, Tripp Lite, ServerRack and others. Available in 24U, 42U, 45U, and 48U heights, 24 in. and 30 in. widths, and 32.5 in., 42 in., and 47.5 in. depths.

Rack Enclosures - APC Infrastructure Logo

When configuring your solution, Aspen Systems Engineers will draw out a full rack diagram with locations of each server, switch, and other equipment. They will then make sure proper cable lengths are supplied to you. The end solution is a properly built up rack with neat cabling, and power and cooling requirements met. Read more about APC NetShelter Rack Enclosures

NetShelter SX Enclosure Features

More standard features for faster installation

Cable Access Roof

  • Eight cable entry slots
  • Toolless mounting of overhead cable trough system
  • Snap-in mounting to allow easy roof removal and installation with cables in place

Integrated Baying Brackets

  • Preinstalled on frame, front and back
  • Spacing options at 24 in.
  • Bays with other Schneider Electric power and cooling products

Leveling Feet & Castors

  • Easily adjustable leveling from top-down
  • Castors standard on all enclosures

Rack Enclosures - APC NetShelter SX Enclosure Features

Zero-U Accessory Channel

  • Toollessly mount rack PDUs
  • Toollessly mount vertical cable organizers

Vertical Mounting Rails

  • Simple screw and cam engagement
  • Captive screws — no loose hardware
  • Easy visual alignment for quick adjustment
  • Adjust in 0.25 in. increments through enclosure
  • Hole cutouts for 0U installation (AR8469) of Data Distribution Cable (DDC) accessories

Half-Height Side Panels

  • Easy and safe handling
  • Quick release latch
  • Lockable — same key as doors
  • Enclosure width remains the same with or without sides attached

The NetShelter SX is a multi-functional rack enclosure influenced by customer feedback from around the world. These enclosures are designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcast and audio-video. With a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the NetShelter SX rack enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment.