Infrastructure | Power, Cooling and Racks for HPC Data Centers

Having the computing power of a High Performance Computer doesn’t just require the compute nodes, but also the infrastructure for housing the equipment. The aspects of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) become more important as complexity and scope of that infrastructure increases to accommodate increasing compute power. This includes electrical power, liquid cooling and rack enclosure infrastructure. You can now pack in multiple nodes with multiple CPUs with a high number of cores, and many accelerators such as GPUs and Xeon Phis into one (1) to two (2) Rack Units. While this saves on rack space, more, and more efficient power and cooling is essential to the proper operation of your equipment.

As you transform your data center performance and reliability through convergence, our rack, power and cooling solutions give you the maximum level of integration alignment to help ensure that your converged infrastructure can handle new and data-intensive workloads in any environment. Our rack, power and cooling solutions are designed and tested for ultimate reliability and compatibility with Aspen Systems servers and data center management solutions.

Infrastructure - Rack Enclosures

Rack Enclosures

Aspen Systems Mostly Uses Racks from APC.
Infrastructure - High Efficiency Liquid Cooling for CPUs & GPUs

Liquid Cooling

High Efficiency Liquid Cooling for CPUs & GPUs.
Infrastructure - Server Rack Power


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